Sunday, December 12, 2010

My doctor has a heart!

When Brian and I met with Dr. S. a while back to discuss what was next, he said that he would look at how much we had spent at his clinic and come up with some type of discount for our next cycle.  Last Monday, I called the lady in charge of the financial stuff and asked her what the discount would be.  She had no idea so she e-mailed Dr. S. and said she would get back to me on Tuesday. 

I anxiously awaited her phone call on Tuesday.  Finally, late in the afternoon the call came in.  She told me that Dr. S. had reviewed our files and the amount we had paid and decided to do our repeat IVF for................. drum roll please.............. $3,000!!!! Oh my gosh! I almost fell out of my chair at work when she told me this!! She said, "I knew you would be happy!!" That was an understatement if I had ever heard one.  She also said, "Well you know you will still have to pay for meds, and the anesthesiologist fee, but $3,000 is what Dr. S. is going to charge for his fees." 

As soon as we got off the phone, I ran into the office and called Brian.  He was just about as shocked as I was to hear the news. Now, we will still have to pay $2000-$3000 for medications and $400 for the anesthesiologist, but that is not much compared to what the original total would have been (about $16000.)

We had thought about switching clinics for this round of IVF, but after meeting with the doctor, decided against it.  His generosity really shows me that he is a doctor that cares about people, and their desire to become parents.  He told us before that he had to be aware of what he was doing to us emotionally, physically, and financially, and this shows that he meant it. 

The holidays are a time to give to others and show people that humankind is good and not just about themselves.  The holidays are about giving what you can to those in need and paying forward what you have been so lucky to receive. 


Amanda said...

That is incredible news!!! Email me at
I may be able to help out with some of the meds, depending on what your doctor wants you on.

Jessica Anne said...

thanks! =) I did e-mail you. If it didn't come through, my e-mail is Maybe it went to your spam. Congrats on your BFP!! Wahoo!