Wednesday, March 30, 2011

First OB appointment

Last Wednesday Brian and I went to the very first OB appointment!  I have to admit, I was a little scared to meet a new doctor since I had been taken care of by the same one for so long.  I had never been to this office before and actually got a little lost on my way there.  But, eventually I found it!

I get up to the office and its very nice!  The lobby has lots of plush armchairs to sit in and very modern decor.  I think it says a lot about a place that keeps up to date instead of just looking run down.  Since it was my first appointment, I had a mountain of paperwork to fill out.  After that, they called me back pretty promptly!  (I hate waiting!)

A nurse took me back and got my long and drawn out history.  She had a portable laptop to just type everything into which was pretty cool.  After she finished with the history she told me to drop my drawers and wait for the doctor to come in. 

To me its not ideal to meet the doc while half naked and only having a sheet over your legs, but I suppose its all part of the business.  Dr. B came in the room and he was younger than I thought he would be.  He told me that he had read my "book" from the fertility clinic last night and we all (Brian was there with me too) laughed a little bit.  We talked about my history of pregnancy loss and how I was nervous about this pregnancy as well.  I know the babies are growing perfectly, but I still can't help being worried.  It just goes along with the territory I think.

After we all talked for a bit I wasn't sure why I was undressed since I didn't actually see an ultrasound machine in the room.  But, I guess the use a portable one and just bring it into the room that they need it in!  Dr. B told me that he likes to see patients with twins often and he likes to do an ultrasound every time! Yippee!!  I think those were the sweetest words that I have ever heard!  After going through infertility treatments and being monitored very closely I didn't want to go weeks in between appointments and never get to see my babies.  Every time I see them I am able to relax and breath and for a few days until I figure out something else to worry about.   He also said that if I am ever feeling "nervous" or "just don't feel right" that I should call and he will check on the babies.  Overall, I think we picked a great doctor.  It seems that he understands my history and my nervousness about the whole thing.  I am pretty high maintenance I suppose and don't want him to think I am crazy wanting to make sure everything is okay every so often.

Eventually Dr. B went and got the ultrasound machine.  He checked on the babies and they are so cute! One of them was even wiggling around again.  He didn't measure the heart rates, but rather just confirmed that they were there.  The babies measured right on 10 weeks or maybe even a day ahead.  Its just amazing to me how they are transforming into baby looking figures instead of blob looking things.

We go back on April 8th for the first trimester screening (NT scan) and were told to bring a flash drive so they can load pictures on that for us! How sweet is that! 

I think this is the one previously labeled as "Baby A"

This would be "Baby B"  Look how cute he/she is!!

At first I had no idea what this picture was supposed to be, but if you look closely at the + signs, he was measuring the Subchorionic Hematoma (SCH)  Its basically a small blood clot or pocket of blood that caused the bleeding a couple weeks ago.  He said that it was hard to find, but eventually he did find it.  Its pretty small, so he said not to worry about it, but all I do is worry!!!

Last but not least, I couldn't resist taking a picture of the empty vial of PIO and the very last syringe full of the PIO that was going to be stuck in my rear! This also means that Brian doesn't have to get up at the crack of dawn and stick me every morning!! Yippee!

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Cherbear said...

ROCK ON!!! great pics and especially the last one of the last PIO shot! LOL