Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Pictures from 9w0d

Yes, I know, I am a week late with my ultrasound pictures from last week!  I will try to do better, I swear!!

In these pictures Blob A was measuring 8w6d (Yes, its fine to measure 1 day behind) and had a heart rate of 185.  Blob B measured exactly 9w0d and had a heartrate of 170 (I think.. that was a whole week ago...) 

So, as far as I know the babies are cooking along and are actually making me a little bit fat! I have to admit, the pants were a little tight this week so I am trying to figure out what I can wear to work that is stretchy and comfortable.  I'm not exactly sure when people start showing with twins,  so maybe I will have to take a picture of my tummy later this week and let you all decide if its babies or just a bulge. =)


Ginny said...

You have beautiful babies, Jess! I will go on the record now: I believe you and Brian have two little girls in the oven. Take care, enjoy, and feed your babies whatever they ask for.

Brian Grewe said...

Let's hope for boys.

Ginny said...

Boys are awesome.