Monday, March 21, 2011

Two thumbs up for food today!

This weekend Brian and I had some friends visiting from Wisconsin and it has been very nice to see them!  Since it is their last night here, we decided to go out for some yummy dinner at a place called Cafe Jordanos.  This is an Italian place in a strip mall (yup a strip mall!) that is totally amazing!!!  The calamari was sooo yummy and crunchy with a non-chewy inside and a salad with a balsamic vinaigrette that was to die for!! The tomato on the salad was even red.... which is hard to find in Colorado in the middle of winter. 

Anyways, on to the dessert.  Before we went to dinner, I said, "Oh guys, we have to go to Dairy Queen after dinner!! I really want some ice cream!" Mind you, I am lactose intolerant and rarely want to eat ice cream because it makes my stomach a gurgling mess. 

After dinner comes and I see the tiramisu on the menu which I absolutely need to get.  But, I couldn't justify eating TWO desserts now  could I?  Well, as one of our friends said, Baby A wants the tiramisu and Baby B wants the ice cream..... so if they want it then you have to have it, right? LOL  I thought it made total sense so I went with it and man was that ice cream good! I had a "mini" midnight truffle blizzard.  Yummmmmm. =)


Cherbear said...

ohhhhh yummo!!! So glad you were able to enjoy some icecream. Are you lactose intolerant? I know someone who is lactose intolerant but it goes away when she is pregnant! (lucky fertile too...grrr)

Jessica Anne said...

Yes, I am lactose intolerant! But, strangely the ice cream did not hurt my stomach at all! So today for lunch I decided to have chocolate milk and that didn't bother me either.... Maybe I can have lactose again! =)