Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Kids are funny

I teach Spanish at the elementary school level so I see all of the kids each week.  Since my belly keeps getting bigger, I realized that I would have to tell them something or they would just think that I eat too much.  I had made up my mind that if last week's OBGYN appointment went alright then I would spill the beans to the kiddos.  I must say, they really do say the funniest things in response. 

The best one that I got today was... Student: "What are you going to name the twins?"  Me: I don't know yet."  Student: "I think I will call them kiwi and strawberry for now then." LOL

Also, some of the 5th graders were so happy for me that they created a congratulatory block of wood.  Yes, you heard me. A block of wood.  Its really cute actually.  The wood is about 3 inches by 3 inches and maybe an inch wide.  They colored it blue with markers... One side said "Congrates" Mrs. Grewe (with the spelling error! gotta love kids) and they all signed the blue block of wood on the other side. 

These 5th graders are some of my favorite students.  They are bright and very compassionate.  They also notice everything!!  When I had the bleeding incident at about 8 weeks they were my first class of the day. While they were coming into my room, they obviously noticed that I was crying and that something was wrong.  Of course I didn't really want to tell them then what was going on since I myself didn't really know what was going to happen and if everything was going to be okay. 

Well today they brought up that incident.  They asked, "Oh, so does this have something to do with why you were crying in the hall way talking to Mrs. H that one day?"  I thought for a second if I should make something up or if I should just tell them the truth and I decided that I didn't want to lie to them.  I told them that I thought I was going to lose the babies.  I didn't really expect them to understand wha that meant, but many of them went on to tell me about how their mom had a miscarriage or thought she was going to have one.  I was pretty shocked to hear that 10 year old kids could kind of understand all of that. 

Two other students went on to tell me that they were adopted because their mom's couldn't have children and/ or previously had a miscarriage and had decided that enough was enough. 

I guess sometimes kids just really amaze me in unexpected ways.  These are the times when it is really cool to be a teacher even though the kids didn't complete the intended lesson. I even think some days that I learn more from them than they do from me!

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Cherbear said...

awww....this is so touching!! thanks for sharing!