Friday, June 3, 2011

Baby Bump 20w2d

Here is the half way there picture!!

Update on the baby stuff crisis from last week: I met with the other twin mom that I met at Old Navy a couple weeks ago and got a TON of stuff from her! She was super nice.  I got 2 car seats, a snap and go stroller, 2 bouncy/vibrating seats, a play mat, boppy pillow, huge cute teddy bear, baby wipe warmer, baby bjorn, a huge back of super cute maternity clothes, and lots of good advice!  She also has a changing table that she wants to give us, but I didn't have room in my SUV with all the rest of that stuff!  All I can say is that I was very lucky to meet such a nice woman.  She was so happy to be able to give her stuff away to another (soon to be) twin mom.  I really hope to keep in touch with this woman.  The only problem is that she lives about 30 miles away from me.  But, I guess thats what e-mail and phone calls are for, right?

On a side note, only 5 more days until we find out if we are having girls or boys!!! I can't wait!! =D


Amanda said...

You look fabulous!!!

Krista said...

So cool that she gave you all of those goodies!!!! Can't wait to find out the exciting!

Cherbear said...

hmmm...girls, boys, one of each?? You look great, and what a stash you got! :)

Aimee said...

YOU look GREAT, mama!!! Excited for your BIG day tomorrow. GOOD LUCK...and it's totally normal to have butterflies before the anatomy scan. CONGRATS!!! (blueskiesgal) Aimee