Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Half way there!

Today marks 20 weeks which is officially half way to seeing my babies!! In reality, this is probably more than half way since I don't expect to keep the kiddos cooking until the 40 week mark.  As many people have told me, at the end of this pregnancy I will be so huge and uncomfortable that I will just want them OUT! I will also be working the last month or so of the pregnancy so I'm sure that will help the time go quickly. 

The plans for today are to get outside and enjoy the beautiful weather! Its going to be 90 degrees today so I think that sounds like the perfect weather for going to a pool!  My friends have a community pool in their neighborhood that they let me use when they don't want to go... so the best part about it is that its free!

I know that I shouldn't sit outside too long so that I don't overheat or get dehydrated so I am only going to the pool for about 2 hours.  I sent Brian out to Walmart for some SPF 30 sunscreen last night so that should do the trick.  Normally I put on SPF 15 so that I can get that light golden brown, but my skin seems to be more sensitive lately so I think I will take more precautions as to not get burned.

After the pool, I am going to meet a woman and buy her used twins' carseats for my twinkies!  This is the woman that I met at Old Navy.  She said that she also has some other random baby stuff that she wants to get rid of, so we will see whats there!  I already emptied out the back of my SUV so that I can fill it up with lovely stuff!  In fact, I actually emptied it out yesterday so that I could fit a CRIB in there!  We ended up finding one of the "Babee Tenda" cribs on craigslist for only $75!  They retail for about $900 so that seemed like a steal of a deal to me.  We will have to modify the crib still, but if we are unsuccessful then well, we didn't spend very much on it in the first place so its alright.  The crib is in really good condition too.  There are a few nicks and scratches on it, but its white so thats nothing a fresh coat of paint can't cure. 

I will definitley be taking a 20 week bump picture today, but I will wait until I have actually showerd and  brushed my hair so that I don't look like a mess! =D


Krista said...

Glad to hear you are enjoying the weather sweetie! I've been waiting and waiting for some nice weather around here for WEEKS!!! Can't wait to see your 20 week pics!!!

Amanda said...

So exciting!!! Congrats on being half-baked! =)