Friday, September 23, 2011

This Weekend????

Its funny, the nurse that called me today said, "The sure way to go into labor is to schedule your c-section!"  About a half hour after I got off the phone with her I started having some crazy weird pain in my belly.  It didn't feel like contractions so I just dealt with it for a while.  After about two hours Brian made me call the doc.  Of course at this point he is going to tell me to come in and get checked out.... which I did. But, I hadn't packed my bag yet so I did that super fast first!

Anyways, they put on the monitors and I only had a couple of contractions during the 30 or so minutes that I was on the monitor.  The babies looked great and the doc didn't really know what the pain was from.  He said it was probably just the babies pushing on stuff because they are so high up.  He proceeded to check my cervix which is now 3cm (and it was only 2cm on Wednesday.) 

He said he obviously doesn't have a crystal ball but he thought they might come this weekend or early next week!  Wahoo!

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