Wednesday, October 12, 2011

1st and 2nd Trip to the Doctor!

Much to my surprise, the hospital recommends having the babies seen by their pediatrician within 24-48 hours of being released from the hospital.  It was a little crazy getting all of us in the car and to the doctor on time, but we made it! 

I really like the doctor that we chose.  She seems very knowledgeable and easy to talk to.  The appointment consisted of weighing the babies and asking us a lot of information about feeding, etc.   I didn't know this before, but babies tend to lose weight after they are born.  Both of the girls were down about five percent from their birth weights which I was told was pretty normal.  The doc gave us some suggestions as to how to help them gain weight while trying to breastfeed.  Since they did lose weight, we had to go back today to see if they were still losing or if they had started gaining weight.  Much to my surprise, they had both gained 2oz!  Once they start gaining the average is about a half to one ounce per day so they are right on track!  We go back next Thursday for their two week check up and hopefully they will still be gaining weight at the appropriate rate. 

Today I also saw my OB doc.  I got my strip thingeys that they put over the incision taken off, weight checked and was given some supplements to help my milk supply.  I know I will probably forget eventually, so I thought I would share my weights this process!

Pre IVF weight (Dec/Jan): 178lbs
Pre-Pregnancy Weight (Feb): 158lbs
Weight on day of Delivery: 210lbs
Today: 178lbs!

Last but not least, a cute picture of me with both of my bunnies!

Evelyn & Charlotte

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Ginny said...

You are doing so well in every way! I love happy endings!