Tuesday, October 4, 2011

37w5d Belly Pic!

Ok, here it is!  This will probably be the last belly pic that I take (unless I take one on Thursday at the hospital.) My feet have gotten HUGE so before I took this picture I had to put on some slippers to cover up my feet! ha!

Yesterday I was looking at my blogger statistics and realized that this post I am writing right now is number 98!  I started this blog almost a year ago (November 2010) just after the miscarriage.  I think its pretty neat that my post number 100 will be announcing the arrival of the twins!!  I know everybody is especially anxious to learn their names (especially my sister and mom who keep trying to guess what they are!) I did give in and tell them their middle names, since they are family names, but that's all I gave them. 

Only two more sleeps until I see the girls!! Really I shouldn't say sleeps.... I should say laying down time while having really weird dreams and getting up to pee every 45 min-1 hour.  Crazy! Thursday can't come soon enough!! =D


Krista said...

So excited they are coming soon!!! Looking at that pic tells me that you are definitely ready!!!!

Anonymous said...

I say take one on Thursday before surgery. You will want to document that. :) Good luck to you and Brian!

Cherbear said...

love it! I cannot wait to see pics, read the story of their birth, and everything. Prayers for a perfect day Thursday! I definitely think you should take a pic :)