Tuesday, January 31, 2012

On Jan 31st 2011...

On January 31st 2011 two perfect embryos were placed into my uterus!!  Today, I have two almost 4 month old perfect baby girls. =) 

Monday, January 30, 2012

Time goes by so fast!

I realized today that I hadn't written anything in a while so here we are!  The girls are both sleeping and the boobie pumps are attached so I guess I have nothing better to do for the next few minutes. 

Last weekend our friends came to visit from Wisconsin!  Its really great that we have so many friends and family that have come to visit us out here.  They were only here for the weekend so we didn't have a lot of time to hang out but that was okay!  We ended up going to the mall where Brian and George got a professional shave.  Whats that you ask?  Its where you get to sit in an old fashioned barber chair and have an old fashioned looking dude shave you with a straight razor.  It was pretty amusing to watch!  I got a couple of good pictures on George's phone so I will have to get those uploaded here!  While we were at the mall we went into Williams Sonoma (the cooking gadget store.)  George and Sack asked us if we had this cool baby food steamer/blender and we said that we didn't have one but wanted to get one.... so they bought it for us!  It was so nice!!  We haven't tried it out yet because the girls don't eat solid food yet but it should be lots of fun to make food for them.  We even have these cool ice cube tray looking things  that my mom got for us when she was out here in October!  Hopefully we will save lots of money by making our own baby food... and it won't have lots of icky stuff in it that the packaged stuff probably has.

It was very fun to have company for that weekend but that meant we didn't get very much done around the house.  We even actually went a week and a half without grocery shopping which is pretty nutty in this house.  Usually Brian goes at least 2x/week because we run out of something before the weekend comes up again.

Fast forward to this past weekend (as in like two days ago) and we were both sicker than dogs.  On my way home from work on Friday I noticed that my throat was getting sore..... by about 7pm I had turned up the heat in the house and was shivering under two huge blankets.  I didn't sleep all night and took my temp in the middle of the night at 102!  I was totally miserable.  Saturday I felt a lot better but still not great.  One of Brian's friends from middle school was out here in CO so we got dinner with her on Sat. night.  It was good to get out of the house but we didn't get home until 10pm and by then I was completely exhausted.  When Sunday rolled around all I wanted to do was play with my girlies and nap so that's pretty much what I did.  At one point I fell asleep holding Charlotte and I guess Evy was screaming her head off.  Brian took care of her and was being loud but he said I didn't even stir.   I guess I must have really needed that nap.

In other news, I booked another trip to go back to Minnesota this spring!  My brother is getting married this summer so my sister and I are throwing his fiancee a bridal shower.  Brian has to work and such so he is not going with me.  Sooooo that means I am taking the girls on a plane all by myself!!  They did great on the trip home for Christmas so I am hoping this one goes just as smoothly.  My mom is flying back with me to come visit for a few days afterwards so I only have to fly by myself one way =)  I leave on March 2nd so its only about a month away! 

Monday, January 23, 2012

So Exciting!

The girls seem to do new and amazing things every day! Today it was Evy... she rolled from her tummy to her back!  When Charlotte rolled over on Jan. 2nd, my mom said that Evy pushed her! ha.  (She didn't) So today when Evy rolled over I put her back on her tummy to see if she would do it again.... and she did... four times!  After that I guess she was tired and didn't feel like being the center of attention anymore.  Charlotte, however, hasn't rolled since the beginning of the month.  She instead was doing a nice face plant while her sister almost rolled right on top of her.  They just get cuter and cuter every day! They are so amazing! =)

Saturday, January 21, 2012

I Love Being a Mom!

Its really hard to imagine my life any different now that I have kids.  Being a mom is like no other feeling in the world.  I just love the look on the girls' faces when they wake up in the morning... They don't really cry but rather just wake up and start making noise.  I pick each of them up and they give me a huge morning stretch as I am picking them up.  I always say, "Good Morning!" and give them lots of kisses while they just look at me and smile.  Its amazing that they are both such happy babies.  They just seem so content all the time!  Don't get me wrong, they do cry occasionally but its only when they really need something (or miss their mommy during the day!)

Monday, January 16, 2012

Three Day Weekend

Because of the holiday today, I had an amazing three day weekend!!!  I knew my first "full" (5 day) week back at work would be difficult, but I didn't know it would be this hard.  I missed my babies like crazy and all I would think about was them!

Saturday I was so exhausted from working all week and so all I did was snuggle with the girls all day long.  They must have had a long week too because they were very very tired girls!!  Each time one of them would wake up I would feed her, change her, and snuggle until the other one woke up.  This is pretty much how I spent the entire day.  I think the only time I wasn't holding babies was while I was in the bathroom.  Brian was off with his friends all day but that was okay... the girls behaved themselves! =)  I didn't accomplish anything around the house but who cares... the chores could wait!

On Sunday Brian and I went out for lunch and then to Target for some groceries.  We went to Red Lobster. Yummmm.  Ever since I had the girls I have craved shrimp... not sure why.  I mean, I have always liked shrimp but now I feel like I need to eat it all the time! 

When we got to Target Evy was fussing so we fed her while we were shopping.  After eating, she would not stop spitting up!  Just when I thought she was done she spit up some more.  She has been extra gassy and has had lots of spit up lately... I just hope that it doesn't continue because I hate watching her cry because her tummy hurts. 

Also on Saturday Evy really started sucking her thumb.  I have to say its pretty much the cutest thing ever.  She sucked her thumb once before that I've seen (Brian said she has done it a couple times that he's seen) but this weekend she was like sucking her thumb a lot!  It was nice to see her doing it to calm herself down.  She would get all worked up, suck her thumb, and fall asleep. 

Evy- sucking her thumb!  She's also wearing an outfit that her Aunt Emily bought her for Christmas.

Monday I spent doing all of the not fun things around the house... cleaning, laundry, dishes, boring stuff.  I even managed to take down the Christmas tree and  rearrange the living room.  It has been rearranged three times since October but that's okay.  My mom and sister did it when they were here in October and I liked it for a while but I ended up going back to how I had it before... I guess we are creatures of habit.

I must say this has been an amazing weekend!  People always say, "enjoy every minute" and I really did!  We didn't do anything "special" but just spending time with my  new family was special to me.  On the weekends I just feel like I need to spend every second with the girls because I don't get to spend much time with them during the week.  I wish my job wasn't so demanding and that I could be home earlier.  But, I can't change that at the moment so I will just have to be grateful for my summers and holidays off.   And since I had Monday off the weekend will come even quicker! =)

All worn out from playing Evy (left) and Char (right)


Evelyn- You wouldn't know it but 3 minutes prior she was screaming her head off!



Charlotte- trying to escape from the playmat

Friday, January 13, 2012

Its Friday.... Finally!

This week back at work has been very challenging.  I'm not used to getting up, getting ready, and leaving the house all day.  I used to get up around 6:00 and I now have to get up around 5:30 to leave on time.  The girls usually don't wake up until about 6:00 or 6:30.  I pump, wake Brian up, and try to at least change the girls and feed one for a little bit so I feel like I get to spend a little bit of time with them.

Now since they go to bed fairly early I feel like they aren't even awake at all when I am home.  I try to get home at a reasonable time but it usually ends up being 5:30-6:00pm.  As soon as I am home I am put on baby duty which I am happy about.  It is actually relaxing to come home and take care of the girls.  I just feel so guilty that I hardly get to see them during the work week.  I pretty much spent every minute with them for the first three months and now.... nada.  I know they are being taken care of but I have this unreasonable fear that they will forget who I am.  Brian is mostly taking care of them during the day but while he is teaching or at class our friend is watching them.  Its only 15-20 hours/week but that seems like more time than I actually see them which is sad. 

I wish I had a solution to this so that I could stay home but right now quitting my job is just not an option.  We really need my salary and I get insurance through my job as well.  Brian won't be done with his PhD program for another couple of years either so him getting more jobs isn't really a great option either.  I don't know.... I just don't like feeling like someone else is taking care of my kids.  They are my kids.  I'm sure lots of people do daycare or have a nanny but I just don't really like it.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Three Months Old!

The girls are now three months old!!  Their three month "birthday" was on Friday but unfortunately I fell asleep early and didn't take their monthly bear picture until Saturday. 
3 Months! Evy (left) and Charlotte (right)

They are becoming such interesting little people!  They make the cutest noises and will actually "talk" to me.  Evy is especially vocal! I didn't know that such a little person could be so loud!  Its almost sounds like she is yelling at you but she is perfectly happy.  Charlotte is a little bit less vocal but she tries to talk to me as well.  She is much quieter too... even when she cries!  When Evy cries I hear, "MOM HELP ME NOW!!!"  and when Char cries she says, "I need something.... but I suppose I can wait!" 

They have both been sleeping through the night too.  Evy started sleeping through the night just before she was 2 months old when she randomly slept for 10 hours straight.  Charlotte pretty much just started sleeping through the night when I went back to work last week.  I put her in her swing one night expecting her to wake up in a couple hours to eat and well, she didn't wake up until morning!  I know I can't let her sleep in her swing forever, but it works for now...... I really appreciate the sleep since I have to get up early and go to work now!

I put all of the girls newborn and 0-3 month clothes away last week.  It was pretty sad to box up all of their cute clothes already.  We had a ton of 0-3 month clothes and they didn't wear each piece very many times.  It was nice though to not have to wash every day! When I put their 3-6 month clothes on I expected them to be baggy.... but they weren't!  I am thinking they will probably outgrow them before they are 6 months old so I have been buying the 6-12 month stuff as I find it on sale.  I'm not sure how much they weigh either but I suspect they are approaching 14lbs quickly!  The size 1 diapers are supposed to go to 14lbs and they are getting snug quick.  I just hope that I can use them all up before they are too small!! 

We have been trying to give the girls tummy time every day but they don't really like it very much.  Evy usually just face plants into the blanket after a couple of minutes but Charlotte actually surprised us and rolled over on January 2nd!  She hasn't done it since, but that's okay.  From the looks of it now, I think that Char will walk first and Evy will talk first.... but we will just have to wait and see! 

Tummy time! Evy (left) and Charlotte (right)  I can't believe how well they can hold their heads up!! It feels like yesterday they were my little newborns!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Back to Work!

Today I went back to work for the first time since September 16th! It was a work day so there were no students which usually means that we have a lot of time to get things done.  Today was a little different since we had two meetings that ate up most of the day.  I managed to get my next couple of days planned so I don't have to stress about that..... but I guess I have the beginning of the year jitters that usually happen in August but are happening now since I have been gone for 3 1/2 months!  There's nothing really to be nervous about... I guess I am just anxious to get the first couple weeks over with!

Brian seemed to do great with the girls all day today!  He did have to go get his books for school though so he called our part-time sitter to come over for a couple hours so that he could run and get the books. 

When I got home from work I was so happy to see the girls!  I missed them so much when I was gone today.  I only called Brian twice to check and see how things were going so that was pretty good.  They were fine of course. 

I guess I thought I had more to say today but I think I am just very brain dead from getting up early and going to work all day.  I've been used to snuggling with babies and having conversations about what noise a car makes with little babies.  Its exhausting to actually have to think and have conversations with adults!  I guess I better get some rest so that I have a chance at functioning tomorrow! :)

Monday, January 2, 2012

Char & Evy's First Christmas!

We arrived in Minnesota on December 22nd and got to our hotel about 11 p.m.  We got in pretty late and then had to pick up diapers and wipes because I didn't have a lot of extra room to pack them in my suitcase.  When we got to the hotel there was no pack and play to be seen.  We had called the hotel on our way to make sure that they still had a pack and play available or else I would have gotten the one from my mom's house.  When we figured out that we still needed one, we asked the front desk guy at the hotel to get one for us.  Instead he brought us this

This is pretty much the scariest crib I have ever seen in my life!  The picture doesn't even show how crazy it looks and how unsafe it seems.  This is actually the second one he brought... the first one only had 3 wheels!  The girls slept in here for one night, but that was only because we had no other options.  The next couple of nights they actually slept in their carseats... and slept through the night! Three nights in a ROW!

On December 23rd, we just hung out at the hotel all day.  Everybody wanted to see the babies so we just stayed put and they came to us.  It was nice to have a relaxing day to just chill and see our friends and family members. Later that evening my sister, brother, his fiancee, Brian and I all got together for a drink!  My mom came to the hotel and watched the babies so that we could all get together and I must say it was nice to get out for a bit.

On Christmas Eve the girls and I went over to my  mom's house for our annual cookie baking day.  We usually make about 10 different types of cookies but this year I think we only made five!  The babies were a little distracting and everybody wanted to play with them instead of baking!  (Can you blame them?) =) 

Grandma put a silly hat on Charlotte

Rusty watching Charlotte

My mom an sister changing the girls' diapers!

Evy and Great-Grandma hanging out!

Charlotte and Uncle Charlie who is pretending to sleep

Charlotte and Auntie Kelsey

I guess I didn't take any pictures of the yummy cookies we baked because I was too busy playing with babies too! 

Later that night we went over to my grandma and grandpa's house for Christmas Eve dinner.  My mom made the girls the most fantastic dresses I have ever seen!  The girls were totally the best dressed at the party.

Evy (left) and Charlotte (right)

Charlotte (left) and Evy (right)

The girls got to meet their other great-grandparents too!  Evy (left) and Charlotte (right)

Charlotte (crying) and Evy (sleeping) with me and the great-grandparents

On Christmas day we spent time with Brian's family and my mom's side of the family.  I didn't get any pictures with my camera of the Christmas at Brian's parents house so I will have to add those later when someone e-mails them to me!

We went over to my mom's house for dinner on Christmas.  

Here is my mom with her grand babies wearing their beautiful dresses that she made for them!! 
Evy (left) and Char (right)

This is a four generations picture!  Charlie (top) and then from left to right Me, my mom with Evy, my grandma, and my sister Emily holding Charlotte
Oh, and Rusty, my mom's dog!

We came back to Denver the day after Christmas and the girls did great on the plane ride back!  They were a little bit more fussy on the way back, but didn't really cry too much. I don't think I mentioned this earlier, but when you have twins they don't let you sit in the same row!  There are only four oxygen masks in a row so they didn't allow the four of us to sit together plus another person in the row.  We did sit across from each other though so it was okay!

We got back safe and sound and were totally exhausted for the next two days.  Thank goodness the girls took a few naps so that Brian and I could get some much needed rest!  Overall, we had a great Christmas!

On a side note, Charlotte rolled over from her tummy to her back today (January 2nd!)  Evy is nowhere near rolling over... She pretty much just tries to eat the blanket she is laying on. She'll catch on soon!

Sunday, January 1, 2012


The year 2011 has been one of the most amazing years of my life!  It just so happens that 11 has been my lucky number forever too so that certainly didn't hurt things!

January started out with a lot of hope.  Our IVF #2 cycle started here and I transferred two beautiful five day blastocysts in the end of January!  I got my BFP in February and found out in March that it was twins!  The next few months flew by!  My belly kept getting bigger and bigger and bigger!  I never thought it would stop growing! 

I tried to hide my pregnancy from my co-workers but ended up telling them in April.  I finally told all of my students that I was having twins in May and they were so happy!!

My sister threw me two amazing baby showers in July.  She is such a fantastic hostess.  We played silly games and ate some super yummy food.

I went back to work in August.  I was huge when I started back and super huge when I started my maternity leave on September 16th.  My ankles turned into cankles and I spent most of the last 3 weeks of the pregnancy sitting down resting because it was just to painful to stand up! 

My two miracle babies made their arrival in October.  It was a perfect day and I was so glad that my mom and sister were out here in Denver to experience it all with Brian and I.  The girls came home with us without any NICU time and settled right in at home!  The girls also celebrated their first Halloween!

November came and went very quickly.  The girls had their first Thanksgiving here at home with Brian and I.  They didn't have any turkey.... maybe next year. 

In December the girls were two months old!  They started to smile, babble, and sleep through the night!  They continued to grow and eventually outgrew their newborn and 0-3 month clothing. They took their first plane ride to go see their extended family (including great grandparents!) in Minnesota.  They did great on the plane! (More to come about their first Christmas when I get the pictures downloaded!) 

The girls rounded out the year with a New Year's Eve celebration at home with a few friends of ours.  Brian was the only one who made it to midnight.... Charlotte fell asleep in our friend's daughter's Paeytn's arms and Evy fell asleep in mine.  I couldn't imagine a better way to end 2011 and start 2012.