Sunday, January 1, 2012


The year 2011 has been one of the most amazing years of my life!  It just so happens that 11 has been my lucky number forever too so that certainly didn't hurt things!

January started out with a lot of hope.  Our IVF #2 cycle started here and I transferred two beautiful five day blastocysts in the end of January!  I got my BFP in February and found out in March that it was twins!  The next few months flew by!  My belly kept getting bigger and bigger and bigger!  I never thought it would stop growing! 

I tried to hide my pregnancy from my co-workers but ended up telling them in April.  I finally told all of my students that I was having twins in May and they were so happy!!

My sister threw me two amazing baby showers in July.  She is such a fantastic hostess.  We played silly games and ate some super yummy food.

I went back to work in August.  I was huge when I started back and super huge when I started my maternity leave on September 16th.  My ankles turned into cankles and I spent most of the last 3 weeks of the pregnancy sitting down resting because it was just to painful to stand up! 

My two miracle babies made their arrival in October.  It was a perfect day and I was so glad that my mom and sister were out here in Denver to experience it all with Brian and I.  The girls came home with us without any NICU time and settled right in at home!  The girls also celebrated their first Halloween!

November came and went very quickly.  The girls had their first Thanksgiving here at home with Brian and I.  They didn't have any turkey.... maybe next year. 

In December the girls were two months old!  They started to smile, babble, and sleep through the night!  They continued to grow and eventually outgrew their newborn and 0-3 month clothing. They took their first plane ride to go see their extended family (including great grandparents!) in Minnesota.  They did great on the plane! (More to come about their first Christmas when I get the pictures downloaded!) 

The girls rounded out the year with a New Year's Eve celebration at home with a few friends of ours.  Brian was the only one who made it to midnight.... Charlotte fell asleep in our friend's daughter's Paeytn's arms and Evy fell asleep in mine.  I couldn't imagine a better way to end 2011 and start 2012.

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Trinity said...

Happy New Year, Jessica! Congrats on a 2011 that brought so much love and happiness in your two girls!

Thanks for reading my Creme de la Creme post and for your comment. :)

All my best to your fam in 2012!