Monday, February 20, 2012

4 Months!!

The girls were 4 months on February 6th so I'm only a few days late with this post. =)

4 Months!

Close up Evy & Char

Brian and I took the girls for their 4 month checkup on Friday the 17th.  I had the day off work already so thats why it was a little later than the exact four month mark.  Here are their stats:


Height: 24 1/2 inches 55th percentile
Weight: 15lbs 14oz 92nd percentile
Head 44.9cm  >97th percentile


Height: 24 1/4 inches 50th percentile
Weight 15lbs 0oz 80th percentile
Head: 42.8cm 92nd percentile

They have really started to catch up in the weight category and their heads are off the chart!!  The Nurse Practitioner (Our doc is still on maternity leave) seemed actually a little concerned about the HUGE jump that the girls' heads have made.  She asked one of the docs for their opinion too!  They came to the conclusion that their daddy has a big head and so its probably a genetic thing.  They are going to keep an eye on them though just to make sure they don't need any further testing or anything like that. 

This month the girls have started ROLLING!!!! It has been so fun to watch them try and try and try to roll and then finally do it!  Charlotte rolled from her back to tummy on 2/14 and Evy on 2/19.  I can tell this is going to make life a little crazier once they really start rolling around the house.  Baby proofing is going to have to happen very very soon.

The girls also started eating solids this week!  The first thing they had was baby oatmeal.  I tasted it and it was awful!!  Charlotte was not so sure at first if she liked it or not but once she figured out she liked it she just gobbled it up.  Evy seemed to like it right away! 

For their second food I made them some sweet potatoes.  You should have seen the look on their faces when they tried it.  They pushed it out of their mouths with their tongues and made this look like, "What the heck is this stuff you are putting in my mouth!??!?"  They were just so shocked... it was super funny.  But, after a couple of spoonfuls they ate it willingly.  We only fed them a little bit because we don't want them to be constipated but I think they could have eaten more.  We are going to try and make as much of their baby food as we can.  We have a baby food maker that steams and purees the food so that will be handy.  Also, my mom got us some nifty ice cube trays with lids on them especially made for baby food- BPA free!  The kit also came with a recipe book, some tips on cooking food and a DVD on how to make food!  It took a while to figure out how the baby food maker worked.... and I cut my thumb on the blade but next time it should be a lot easier.  I should be able to make enough on the weekends to last throughout the week.  Then we can just take some food cubes out of the freezer and thaw them out!

Other than that, nothing much new around here.  Just trying to keep up with everything.  It has been getting harder and harder to get up and go to work in the morning.  I just hate leaving the girls and going to work to deal with other people's kids all day.  I feel so guilty leaving them.  They are being taken care of just fine but I just miss them SO much.  I am trying to find some way to stay home but nothing is really panning out.  It pretty much boils down to money and health insurance- both of which this family needs.  I know we could live on less (cut the cable, use more coupons, etc.) but I don't think we could deal without my entire paycheck and then have to buy private insurance on top of that.  I am so sad every morning when I have to say goodbye to my precious little girls and I hope I can find a solution soon.  I even actually broke down and cried about that at work the other day. I try to contain my tears to the ride to and from work but I just couldn't hold it in. 

Ok, enough about that.  I have a lot of photos to share!!


Charlotte- hanging out on her side

Mama's big girls! Char & Evy

My little Diva- Charlotte

Evy- A mini diva too!

My beautiful baby Evy

Charlotte- such a happy girl!!

Getting ready for some food!! Evy & Char

Charlotte with a puzzled look on her face

Evy is more interested in her thumb than the food!

We all made it through the first feeding without food on our clothes!! Yippee!
Char & Evy

Evy rolled about 90% of the way over with her thumb in her mouth! LOL

Evy- she was so proud of herself when she finally rolled over!!!

Charlotte and sweet potatoes... need I say more?

Evy- getting ready to take a bite!!

Ok... now for the shocker! The girls have grown so much in only 4 months!!!

Charlotte & Evelyn- 1 week old

Evelyn & Charlotte- 4 months old!!

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