Thursday, May 31, 2012

Blogger App! And Minnesota!

I have just discovered the blogger phone application!! I didn't bring my computer back to Minnesota so I guess my phone is my only lifeline for a while. 

The girls did fantastic on the plane yesterday on the way to Minnesota. They really only slept for about a half hour on the flight. I was holding Evy and she was quite sleepy but refused to sleep. I had her in a Snugli baby carrier so she was upright and that may have been half the problem. But, it sure was nice to have free hands to pick up her toys and drink my soda.  I sat by a couple of really nice people on the plane! One lady had a 2 yr old (not with her) and the other was a nice grandma.  It makes such a difference when you sit by someone who likes babies. 

My mom and sister picked us up and we got to the hotel around 7pm. After that we got some dinner here at the hotel and hung out with family and friends. 

The girls stayed up way past their bedtime and still managed to wake up at 7am central time which is like 6am mountain time. Evy actually woke up around 5:30am and wouldn't stop crying so we had to take her into bed with us. We never do that, but since we were at a hotel we couldn't let her just cry it out and wake other people up.  I found out the hard way that the walls were paper thin when I got woken up by some idiot using the ice machine outside my room in the middle of the night.  I think tonight I will put an "out of order" sign on the machine when I go to sleep tonight.  :)  

The girls are down for their morning nap and I should be napping too. My sister is coming to pick us up at 11 so we can run errands, get pedicures, etc.  Brian has a paper due on Monday so he is going to work on that today while we are doing girl stuff.

On a side note, I had my first FET nightmare. I had a dream that I was at the clinic and my beta test was positive but not doubling appropriately. That would be horrible to be in beta hell and not really "know" anything for sure.

These pictures are from the other day. We are still working on the whole sitting thing.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Back to MN we Go!

My brother is getting married on Saturday so Brian and I are getting on a plane and taking the girls to Minnesota!  This will be the girls' third time on an airplane!  They should have their own frequent flyer cards. 

It seems like we have been "getting ready" to go for like 24 hours.  There was laundry to wash, suitcases to find, a house to clean, etc. Yesterday I even stayed in my pajamas so I didn't have even more laundry to take care of! Ha ha. 

 I just hate coming home to a messy house, so I tried to pick it up and get all of the current dirty laundry finished up.  I took the dog to the kennel this morning and loaned a lady from the twin mom group one of our pack n plays.  She was going on a road trip to Nebraska  and needed one for her 11 month old little girl.  We leave for the airport in 1 hr. and 39 minutes and I still have to pack up my medications (starting Lupron on Thursday), pack the girls' diaper bag with toys, diapers, etc. I already made the bottles so at least that is done.  I also have to double check my suitcase and make sure that I grabbed all of the clothes that I want to wear this week.  We will be gone for 6 days so I want to pack enough that I don't have to re-wear too many things because I will be seeing the same people all week long. 

So there it is!  Almost ready to go!  I can't wait to see my friends, family, and most of all, my brother's wedding!! His fiancee is amazing and I can't wait for her to officially be part of the family :)

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Evy's First word is....


I thought she was just babbling the other day when she said it, but now she has been saying it all weekend!!! She also has TWO teeth now (the front ones) and I think Charlotte is teething as well.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

7 Months!!

Its so hard to believe that my girls are 7  months old already.  It feels like yesterday they were kicking around inside my belly. 

Evy & Char- 7 Months

Their usual bear photo shoot was way more difficult than it has been in the past.  The girls were wiggling all around and trying to eat the bear, the blanket, and well really anything they could reach.  Charlotte was hungry so I think that's why she was trying to eat everything... but I wanted to get their picture while their outfits were still relatively clean. 

Yummy bear!!!

Woah! Where are you girls going??

Crazy hair, Evy!

They are doing so many new things these days! Charlotte is soooo close to crawling.  She is very interested in everything she finds.... especially stuff she isn't supposed to play with.... like shoes.  She likes to scoot over to the rug by the door and chew on shoes. I guess I will have to find somewhere else to put them.
Charlotte pulled the diaper bag over and pulled out her bottle, the diapers, and wipes

Evy is still rolling everywhere.  She looooves to roll around.  Today she rolled over to the couch and was underneath the cushion that was sorta jutting out.  She had her thumb in her mouth and I couldn't figure out why she was over by the edge  of the couch.  I looked down and she had her other hand on a tiny corner of her blankey.  She was tired and wanted to go to sleep so she rolled her way over to her blankey that was sorta hanging off the couch.  How funny!

Evy is also really "talking" lately.  She is starting to babble by saying "gaga" and other two syllable babbles.  Brian swears she said "dada" but I don't think so.  She loves to hear her own voice!  Today when she woke up she was screaming!  But, it wasn't a mad yell, it was just a "mama I want your attention" yell!  We all like the sound of our own voice, right?  Charlotte is less vocal, but communicates more through smiles and facial expressions.  Lately she has been smiling and then crunching up her nose at the same time.  I have to snap a picture of it because it is just so darn cute! 

Charlotte absolutely loves to torment the kitty!!  Sometimes when I am holding Charlotte the kitty will curl up on the couch with us.  Charlotte will basically fling her body onto the kitty and try to "pet" her aka rip out her fur.  I think its pretty funny, but I am just waiting for the day when the kitty gets pissed. 

They both also like the dog.   Evy especially likes to pet the dog... aka, stick her hand out at the dog's mouth and have him lick it.  It makes her smile every time. 

They still take a couple of good naps each day.  They wake up around 6-6:30am, eat, and go down for a little nap.  They wake up, eat, play, and take another short nap.  Sometimes they will get in a nice 1-3 hour nap in the afternoon as well.  We don't have them on a strict schedule and instead let them dictate when they are tired, etc.  It has seemed to work out so far I think because we are not forcing them to eat, sleep, etc.  We just let their natural rhythm take over which has been great!  They eat generally 5x each day.  Approx 7 am, 10am, 1pm, 4pm, and 7pm.  They eat 6-8oz each feeding with the exception of one puree feeding.  They eat their puree (if it is bananas, they eat 1 banana EACH!) and then a 4oz bottle.  Brian and I still make all of their purees.  

We have been talking about what we should be feeding them for a "solid" food.... their pediatrician said that they can eat more solid foods starting at 7 months.  We looked at the grocery store the last time they were there and and all we saw were puffs and similar things with tons of ingredients that were not necessarily natural.  We decided to pass on that and do a little research on what some other options were.  So, last night I was at a party with work people and Evy kept grabbing at people's food and beverages.  The gal holding her asked if she could have some type of finger food.  There were small wedges of watermelon at the party so I thought we would give that a whirl.  Evy absolutely LOVED it!  Watermelon was perfect because it was "solid" but very soft and easily mashed between two little teeth poking out and gums.  A lot of it ended up on Evy's shirt, but that's okay.  I'm glad that she had the opportunity to try it!  I bet the cold watermelon felt nice on her gums as well.  I will have to go to the store soon and get some more watermelon to feed her. 

Evy and her watermelon

The girls also still sleep together.  I think they really like it, actually.  There is mixed information out there about whether twins should sleep together or not.  Ultimately, I think that it just depends on the kids and how they are together.  The girl sleep all night long, and often cuddle up with each other.  When they wake up, they interact with each other by talking, touching, looking at one another, and playing.  Sometimes they roll over each other, pin each other down, and pull hair but I think that's all part of being a twin.  Its really fun to see them interact and they really do learn from each other.  Hopefully they will learn to share toys, blankies, etc.  It will be nice when they are older if we can just buy one of different toys instead of their own.  That's not to say that they won't have anything that's their own.... just not everything. 

Evy & Char napping together with their magic blankies and their toys

Evy & Char

Evy (top) and Charlotte (bottom) taking a little nap after playing.  Evy's foot on Charlotte's head doesn't seem to be bothering her! :)

Evy and Charlotte

I'm sure you can tell, but I really like taking pictures of them sleeping.  They just look so calm and peaceful when they are sleeping.  They don't seem to mind the flash either. 

I'm not sure if I have talked about their blankies, but these seem to be the ones.  We have lots of different types but these are the ones they were drawn to.  They were made by our friend Michelle's grandma.  Michelle brought them to us when she came and visited for 5 magical days back in November.  All we literally did was sat on the couch, talked, and took care of the girls.  It was so nice!!  Anyways, these are seriously magic sleep blankies.  When Evy is tired all she needs is a full belly, this blankey, and her thumb.  I lay her down and off to sleepy land she goes.  She loves to put her thumb and her fingers through the little holes and hold it up by her face with her other hand.  It is awesome!  They first started napping with them a couple of months ago when we were watching (because they were supposed to sleep with nothing) and then they started sleeping with them all the time.  We asked the pediatrician at their 6 month appointment what she thought about it and said that it was probably okay but to maybe wrap them in the blanket so it wasn't just loose.  She said that there was no specific age when it becomes "safe" to sleep with blankets, so I just had to make a decision on what was best for them. 

It is just so fun to be a mommy and watch these beautiful girls grow up.  Their personalities bloom more each day and I am just amazed at what they are able to learn and do.  Its hard to believe that they are only 7 months old and can do so much!  

Friday, May 11, 2012

Damn you BCPs

I think these BCPs are making me extra cranky and emotional.  Or, they are the excuse that I have come up with for my rude behavior.

Today when I got home from work I found my Mother's day present from Brian and the girls. He bought one of those kits from Michael's where you form a little clay thing and put the girls' hand prints on it.  It was very sweet, but I wasn't expecting to find them just sitting there.  I also got unnecessarily upset after I looked at them and they sort of looked like a mess.  The hand prints are smeary (and Brian's fingerprints are all over Evy's hand) the writing on them looks sloppy and the holes for the ribbon are off center.  I don't know why I have to be so OCD over certain things and why I can't just appreciate that he did something nice, but I guess certain things just bug me.  I feel really bad and want to absolutely love them, but I also kinda want to go out and get new kits so that I can re-do them to look neater. 

It has just been a combination of things lately I suppose.  It has been crazy at work lately.... the art teacher and I share a room and are both getting kicked out since we have to hire another classroom teacher and there are no rooms left.  Its a pain in the ass to pack up all of your crap and move rooms.  Not to mention, in the fall I will have to unpack all of those boxes and re-organize my new classroom (that I will be sharing with the music teacher.)  There is just way too much going on during the next week at work that I just feel like calling in sick for.  The last week is such a waste anyways.... I will be teaching the kids how to Salsa dance (which is fun) but it also becomes all about "babysitting" the kids for the classroom teacher while they come to Spanish.

My brother's wedding is also coming up and we are trying to figure out our accommodations while we are there. At first we were going to stay at Brian's parents house to save money, but we have now decided to stay at a hotel to save drama.  It will just be easier that way.  We did that over Christmas and it worked out pretty well (with the exception that the hotel room was super small.)  But, they had a nice lobby area by the pool to hang out at with friends and family. 

FET is still in the works.  I ordered all of my medications and the total for my meds was only $199.00!  It was going to be over $700 but my insurance actually covered a lot so I am pretty thrilled about that.  I just hope my mood improves and I'm not so stressed when the time the FET rolls around.  I really think that staying stress free helps those little embryo babies!

Ok, Charlotte is telling me its time to get off the computer.  She is on the floor pulling at my pants and smiling at me!! She is getting very mobile very fast!!  Evy is also having fun rolling around on the floor and looking up at the fish tank.  I think she likes all the pretty colors. 

Thursday, May 10, 2012

A tooth!

Evy has her first tooth!  I saw it under her gums yesterday and thought it may come through soon.  It is hard to see but I can really feel it.  This totally explains why she has been cranky lately.  I'm sure it doesn't feel great!!  I looked in Charlotte's mouth and didn't really see anything so who knows when she will get her first tooth.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

June 25th 2012

June 25th is the tentative date for our FET!

I am scared to pieces to say the least. I am scared of it working, not working, miscarrying again, having twins again, not having any embryos thaw properly, doing injections again, going down that emotional rollercoaster again, and anything else that one could be scared of.

I am really telling myself that I will be OK if it doesn't work and we have to wait another year to try again.  But, I know that I won't be. 

I go in for a sonohysterogram and a trial embryo transfer on May 21st and will start lupron on May 31st while we are in Minnesota for my brother's wedding.  Its not ideal to have to take meds that require refrigeration on an airplane but I think we can make it work. 

I guess the thing I am most anxious about at the moment about all of this is the 3 full days of bedrest that I will have to do after the transfer.  Brian will be home, but laundry, cleaning, etc. will still need to get done and I won't be able to do it.  Also, after the 3 days of bedrest I probably shouldn't be crazily running up and down the stairs doing laundry.  I'm not sure how the girls will react either.... they need their mommy!  And probably more than that, I need them!  I will not be able to lift them, but I think snuggling with them will probably be okay. :) I will just have to remember not to lift them which will be challenging.  I asked the FET coordinator how important the bedrest was, really, and she said it was pretty important especially with the FET since they are simulating a cycle.  So, I guess we will just go with it and hope some friends can come over and help out so that Brian isn't super stressed. 

Here we go again!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

A day in the life..... 7 months

6:00am- girls start waking up
6:30am- get out of bed, change the girls' diapers, take pajamas off and put into high chairs for breakfast
7:00am- make spinach, applesauce, and banana puree for the girls (and feed them of course)
7:12am- text grandma pictures of the messy girls in the cute bibs grandma made for them
7:30am- finish feeding girls, clean the spinach mess off of them
7:45am- change diapers again and get girls dressed
8:00am- feed girls bottles because they are starving already
8:30am- put girls down for nap and take a little nap myself!
Sometime between those two events- make blackberry bread pudding with Brian and Brian goes out to Santiago's for burritos and Starbucks for some much needed coffee
9:45am ish- girls wake up and want to play! I try to put together an alphabet puzzle mat that I got from goodwill
10:00am- realize that half the pieces are missing and decide that the mat will be chew toys for the dog
10:15am- eat breakfast
11:00am- decide that I need to go to Target because we are almost out of formula and I have a 5% off coupon
11:45am- pick up our friend's 13 year old so that she can push the cart at Target for me (Brian was tired and needed a nap because he stayed out too late with his friends lol)
12:00pm- get to Target
12:45pm- buy both Paeytn and I a Starbucks because we are both going to need it if we are going to finish this shopping trip
1:30pm- leave Target..... saved over $60 in coupons!
1:35pm- load up car and go to Arc thrift store
2:10pm- get home and unload stuff from massive shopping trip- turn on MN Twins game
2:10-6:30pm- clean house, garage, wash laundry, fold & put away laundry, sweep floor, vacuum, swiffer mop floor,  and take millions of pictures the girls! (Oh, and can't forget texting them to grandma and auntie.)
4-6pm- girls play.... a lot!!
6:00-7:15pm- nappy time for the girlies
Sometime in there- manage to take the girls 7 month bear picture.  It took about 20 min to actually get a good one!  They are so squirmy!!
7:00pm- Brian gets home from the Korean store and starts dinner
7:15pm- put away stuff Brian bought
7:20pm- find a suspicious "wet spot" from the cat on the floor downstairs and clean it up
7:30pm- eat dinner
7:40pm- change both girls' diapers and put them into pajamas.  John and Paeytn feed the girls meanwhile I clean up dinner and take out the trash and Brian downloads all my pictures and videos to the computer
7:50pm- put girls to sleep
7:55pm- take John and Paeytn home
8:05pm- get home, take the dog outside, and put another load of laundry in the washer
8:30pm- sit down, check e-mail and Facebook
8:45pm- decide to write this blog entry!
9:12pm- decide its time to stop writing this blog entry!
Still to do:
  • fold one load of baby laundry (not sure if I will get to it or not!)
  •  Put one more load of laundry in the dryer

Busy day!! I am just so happy to have the house clean for once.  I usually don't have a lot of time when I get home from work and end up playing with the girlies, putting them to bed and then going to bed early myself. 

10 days left of work!!! (9 with students!) until 3 full months with Brian and the girls.  I can't wait!

OH! I can't forget... the girls turned SEVEN months today.  They are getting so big.  I have so many cute pictures from recently that I will have to put into another day's post.  I am exhausted.

9:20pm- hit publish! LOL

Saturday, May 5, 2012

New tricks

Charlotte seems like she will be crawling any day now.  She gets up on all fours and propels herself forward while her arms and legs go out.  She almost looks like a baby deer that is just figuring out how to walk.  Its pretty cute.  She also loves to chase after this toy that makes noise.  You push down on it and it vibrates around the floor.  If you put her a few feet away from it, she will scoot over to it and chew on it for a bit.  When the music starts on that thing, she is very determined to get it! 

Evelyn on the other hand is pretty happy laying on her tummy.  She kind of reminds me of a turtle when you put it on its back and it just wiggles its legs around and can't go anywhere.  She just lays on her tummy and randomly throws out her arms and legs and just wiggles around.  She will then put her arms down and put her head up to look around and see what's going on.  I should probably take a video just to capture how funny and different they both are right now.  Evy is just as content as can be not getting in the crawling position. 

Rolling on the other hand is a different story.  The girls just love to roll around on the floor.  They will play with their toys, try and pull the kitty's fur out and get licks from the puppy.  They love to roll on top of each other too.  Its like a big pile of babies! I think they like being near each other.  They really haven't been out of the same room since they were born. 

I am just so happy that they are chunky healthy little girls.  Everyone says, "They are so big for twins!" As far as I know, twins are only generally smaller than full term babies because they usually aren't full term!  Well, I am proud that I carried those girls to 38weeks and 1 day!  They were big and healthy when they came out and are still big and healthy.  They are good eaters, sleepers, and are meeting their developmental milestones each time they visit the doctor.  I just hope they continue this pattern.

I went to an outlet mall today and ended up talking to a lady with her granddaughter.  She said that she was 9 months old and only 13lbs!  To put things into perspective, Charlotte is close to 17lbs and Evelyn is about 19lbs at only 7 months!  The grandma said she was only 5lbs at birth and was having a hard time gaining weight and such.  I guess I just feel lucky that (so far) the girls have been right on target for everything.