Friday, June 8, 2012

Mother's Day

I'm not sure why it has taken me a month to write this post, but here it is :)

On Mother's day I woke up to these beautiful faces

Char & Evy

I fed the girls and then daddy gave me 3 Mother's day cards!! One from him, and one from each of the girls. 

He even gave the girls a pen and had them "sign" the cards.  It was very sweet.

He then gave me a gift... which I was not expecting at all!  I got a mother's necklace for Christmas, so I really didn't think he would buy me more jewelry.

There are two birthstones for October... pink and opal.  I thought maybe he had this custom made, but he found it with both of the stones in it.  I love it!!!

I had fun just playing with the girls and watching them be so interested in the box that the necklace came in. 

Evy, me and Charlotte

Later that day we had to go get groceries and it was a little chilly outside so I put the girls in their little hoodies.
Evy & Char

I had been eyeing these 2-baby carts for sometime now and today was the day that I thought we would try them out!  I had no idea how I was going to get the girls into the store without the stroller, so I found one of the carts in the parking lot, parked by it, and put the girls in it there!! There is a shopping cart attached to the front of this thing.  I can now go to the grocery store without another adult!!! YAY!

Evy & Char- This thing has a 5 point harness so they won't slide out!

Evy & Char- just checking everything out!

Brian was with us too and took our picture!! Evy looks a lot happier than Char does :)

In the car in the driveway

Somehow Evy fell asleep between the car and the house

We didn't really do anything out of the ordinary for Mother's Day. Just having the opportunity to be a mother on Mother's day was enough for me. :)

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