Monday, June 18, 2012


Both girls now say mama!

Charlotte said it first about a week ago.... I wasn't really sure that I was hearing her right.  At the picnic on Father's day (I've started that post, but still need to add the pictures to it) both of the girls were definitely crying out for their mama and other people heard it too.  I think I even said, "Are you hearing what I'm hearing?" and they all agreed.  :)  Usually they only say it when they are crying and want me to pick them up, but I am okay with that.

Charlotte has been extremely sad and cranky the last couple of days.  She had a runny nose for about a week... it went away... and now its back. I don't think that she's sick really, but rather she is teething.  Yesterday she bit my finger and I felt a tooth coming in!  She's behind her sister in that department and I hope she starts wanting to eat chunkier purees once she has a couple of teeth to help mash it all up.

I go in tomorrow for my lining check to make sure that it is nice and fluffy.  I will also get my trigger shot at the RE's office if everything looks alright.  I start PIO on Wednesday and I am totally dreading it.  That stuff is absolutely awful.  I'm not making this up either... if you have been through it, you know what its like.  Makes my butt sore just thinking about those shots.  When I was done with the PIO in my first tri with the girls, I took a picture to celebrate that part coming to an end.  It was totally worth it though :)  I'm still on Lupron and the headaches have finally gone away.  Thank goodness!  One more week until transfer day!

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