Thursday, August 9, 2012

Appointment tomorrow

I go to the REs office tomorrow and will be done there!  Its crazy to think that I am "graduating" once again.  I can't imagine I will be going back any time soon.  We have 3 frosties that will be kept frozen for a long while.  It costs $350/year to keep them on ice, but its worth it.... I'd hate to discard them, want more kids later, and then have to go through another $12K fresh cycle.  Yikes.... that just doesn't sound like fun.  However, when these next set of twins come, I think more kids will be the last thing on our mind with 4 kids in diapers.  I am hoping that Char & Evy follow suit like I did and are ready to potty train at 2 years old.  That would mean only 7-8 months of 4 kids in diapers.  (Is there such a thing as a home-made diaper??? LOL)  Paper towels and those plastic pants perhaps? ha.

I always get so nervous before these appointments.  Remember how I was saying that I was super sick last week and had to take Zofran?  Well, I took it, felt awesome, and continued to feel awesome.  I got some energy back and haven't felt sick at all.  My first thought is that crap- something is wrong.  So I have been worrying for the last few days that the babies didn't make it.  I really hope I am just lucky and those icky symptoms just left.... I mean I wasn't sick at all, ever with Charlotte and Evelyn.  So, who knows.  I just need to chill out I suppose.  Brian went to every single appointment with me last pregnancy (except for one) and he can't come with me tomorrow either.  We couldn't get anyone to watch the girls so that means Brian is going to stay home with them.  We could maybe bring them with.... but I really don't like bringing the girls to the fertility clinic just out of respect for the other patients.  We brought them once when we had a consult with the RE but we knew we wouldn't be sitting in the waiting room for very long, etc.    I just hope all is well tomorrow and if it is, I will probably tell people at work next week.  I also have an OBGYN appointment on Monday.  I had to pack it all in before I officially go back to work on Wednesday.

By the way, the girls are 10 months old!! Pictures and the monthly post to come.... hopefully soon :)

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Aleta said...

I understand your worry about not feeling the morning/all day long sickness. I had it there for a while and then for a couple of days, it eased off and I got worried. I thought to myself, "Wow, strange thing to get worried over, not feeling sick." But it makes sense... Yesterday, however, one smell set off that icky feeling, so I know it's not completely gone.

Looking forward to seeing the twins pictures :)