Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Is everybody dealing with infertility these days???

I go back to work tomorrow and I had to run a few errands today while the girls were sleeping and Brian was at home getting some work done.  I first went to BRU to get some Plum Organic pouches that were on sale for 15/$15 which is a great deal.. they are usually almost $2 each.  After I went there, I stopped at the mall to get a pedicure.  I have broken my big toenail like 3x and something had to be done about it.  I couldn't go to work tomorrow wearing flip flops and ugly toes...

Anyways, I was talking to the nail technician about the girls and about the twins on the way.  She asked if twins ran in the family (which I'm sure everyone will now that I will have 2 sets) and I said no, they were conceived through fertility treatments.  There was a gal sitting next to me that was kinda listening to our conversation and after I said that she asked, "Did you go to CCRM?"  (A fertility clinic her in Denver.)  I said no, I went to Conceptions and she proceeded to tell me that she was 8 weeks pregnant herself and had gone to CCRM!

We chatted a little bit while we were getting our toes done and it was nice.  She said she did a FET after her fresh was cancelled because "her levels got too high" which I think she meant that she had hyperstimulated.  She said that she didn't know if she could do it all again for more kids with the shots, etc.  And I don't blame her.

I guess I have been open with my infertility journey to pretty much anyone who cares to listen.  I know a lot of gals at work found it interesting just to hear about the whole process and everything that it entails.  But, I just forget that a lot of people are "in the closet" with their infertility because they feel ashamed of it or something.  But, its generally not something that you could have controlled and it is a disease.  Its just like cancer or anything else that needs a doctor to fix.

I guess the point of this post is just that infertility affects people everywhere.  I am kinda glad that I said something about my new set of twins because otherwise this gal I was sitting next to may have felt like I was just any old person that was able to have two healthy babies after a hot night in the sack.


Lilly said...

HI! :) I just found your blog and wanted to comment here...it's funny - while I have 6 "natural" pregnant bellies to stare at at work right now...I also know at least 4 people at work (who've already had their babies over the years) who went to XXX fertility clinic here in Indy! It truly surprises me to learn how many people ARE or HAVE dealt with infertility!

Mz. Bree said...
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Mz. Bree said...

It's amazing how many people have conceived through fertility treatments or are pregnant now due to them.

If the topic weren't so taboo (much less the treatment itself), maybe it would be more affordable and covered more by insurance companies.

I too am pretty open with our struggles and journey...for the most part...and raise my glass to you!

Good luck with your pregnancy...I hope it is un-eventful!