Sunday, October 14, 2012

Charlotte & Evelyn's 1st birthday party

Brian and I threw Charlotte and Evelyn a 1st birthday party here at our house.  We don't really have any family that lives closer than 800 miles away so we invited our friends to the party.  Some of our friends have kids... some don't!

Since I had to work all week, I didn't really have any time to clean up the house before the weekend... so let's just say that Saturday was a bit nutty!!  The day started with me being a crazy preggo.  We ordered a cake from Tar.get and on Thursday I decided that I wanted the main white color on the cake to be changed to teal. I called the bakery on Friday and the gal had no idea what she was talking about at all since she wasn't a cake decorator.  I will just make a long story short and say that there was crying on the phone and the baker ended up making the cake over again. I felt bad that I was a momzilla, but I just wanted the cake to look how I had envisioned it.  After that fiasco Brian and I crazily cleaned the house while the girls played.  Our amazing friend Sherrie did the shopping at Sam's cl.ub that we needed so I only had to run to one store to get the cake, plates, forks, etc and a few other things.

After I got back from that shopping trip it was go time! I decided that I should probably get myself dressed so that people didn't show up with me still in my sweats!  I decorated the house, set up the food and got the girls into their party gear.  They looked so cute!!!  We ended up with about 25-30 people at the party... I didn't know we had room for that many, but it all worked out!! It was a super cold day so nobody could really hang outside either.

The highlight of the party was when the girls ate their cake... it was such a mess but they had so much fun!!  They ate all of their cake and only had frosting leftover.  I can't say that I blame them because the cake was delicious!  It had a mild almond flavor that I thought was super yummy :)

Overall it was a great day!! The girls got lots of neat gifts and had a great time.

Mom, what do I do with this thing??? - Evy

Charlotte dug right in!!

Oh, and if you are wondering... Yes, I got all of that frosting out of their clothes!!!!


Aspgriswold said...

Those faces! So cute! Happy B-day!!

birthday party ideas for kids said...

Beautiful photos! It seems like everyone had nice fun there :)

Amanda said...

What a fun party!