Sunday, December 16, 2012

27 Weeks! (With Ultrasound and Bump Photos)

Wow, I have been slacking on my pregnancy posts this go around.  Its not like I have been busy or anything... :)  Where do I start...

As of today I am 27 weeks and 4 days.  I went for a growth ultrasound on Wednesday and it was so nice to check on my little boys!!  Baby A measured approx 2 weeks ahead at 2lbs 15oz (83rd percentile) and Baby B measured just a couple days ahead at 2lbs 6oz (53rd percentile.)  They are some big boys!! 

They like twins to be within 25% of each other weight wise and the little boys are currently about 20% different according to the ultrasound measurements.  The measurements could be off, but they might not be either.  The doctor said that we will be watching them closely from here on out just to make sure the discrepancy doesn't get any larger... although I'm not really sure what we would do about it anyways.  He did say though that usually the problem is that one baby is a lot smaller than the other (like in the lower percentiles) but in our case, baby A is just a very big boy and baby B is doing just fine. 

As of right now, A is head down and B is transverse with his head on my right and pretty much laying sideways on the top of my belly.  The boys butts are pretty much on top of each other! So, I guess we will see if they decide to flip or move positions... which they probably will.  I haven't really made any decision yet on which type of delivery it will be... just depends on their positions and what the doctor recommends when the time comes I suppose.   Oh!  Can't forget... Cervix is measuring GREAT.  4.2cm and 3.8 with compression.  No funneling or opening up in any way! 

I have been feeling alright these days.  It is getting harder and harder to go to work and stand all day.  I saw a different doctor this week so I asked him when he recommended to stop working.  He said that I should cut back on hours in the 20s... so right now (which I can't do) and should probably stop working around 32-33 weeks.  My plan was to work until 35, but he also made it sound like these babies have a chance of coming earlier (more like 36weeks) so I might have to stop working a little sooner than planned.  I'm not sure why he thinks they will come sooner... maybe because one is so big?? I don't know... must have missed that part.

I am quickly outgrowing my maternity clothes too.  Many of the shirts that I wore all the way to the end last time are already too short!  I got a few XXL shirts from another twin mom and those are going to be my lifesaver! 

Lately I have been craving anything chocolate. Yummmm.  I mean who doesn't love chocolate anyways?

I think I forgot how much I hate heartburn... but Tums are my friend and seem to be doing the trick :)

I am up about 25lbs from my pre-pregnancy weight.  I started out at 166 and on Wednesday at the doc I was up to 191.  I need new batteries for my scale at home, but that might be a good thing. 

My mom got the girls' some "practice brothers" that we have been playing with lately.  They will kiss the babies and pet them "nice" just like we do with the cat and the dog LOL.  They will also pet mama's belly nice too.    Speaking of my belly, it is measuring as if I am 35 weeks with one baby... so I look full term!!   We are flying back to Minnesota next Sunday so I will be getting a note from the doctor so that they don't refuse me to get on the plane.  This will probably be the last time we will fly for a while because next time we would have to buy 4 tickets! Yikes. 

Other than that, not much is really new.  I am just trying to rest when I can.  Brian has been great about doing extra things... picking up the girls' toys, cooking dinner, doing the dishes, etc.  When I get home from work all I want to do is give my little girls some love and sit next to them while they eat dinner.  :)

21 weeks 5 days

24 Weeks 5 days

26  Weeks 5 Days

No pictures of Baby B's face :(  He was looking towards my back and wouldn't turn!! But look at all of that hair they already have!!

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