Sunday, January 27, 2013

Belly Pics

I've been very behind on my blogging... so I haven't posted an updated belly pic for a while.  (I think 27 weeks was the last time! Oops. )

So, for your viewing pleasure...

27 weeks 5 days

28 weeks 6 days

30 weeks 1 day

My view!! 30 weeks 2 days

31 weeks 0 days

31 weeks 2 days ( I thought this outfit showed how very huge I really am!

Last day of work! 33 weeks 2 days

And just to compare..........
Left- 31 weeks 4 days with the girls in 2011 Right- 31 weeks 2 days with the boys in 2013!


Amanda said...

You look beautiful!! Maybe it's just me ;), but this pregnancy seems to have gone by super fast!

Aleta said...

You look great! Pregnancy glow looks beautiful on you :)