Wednesday, March 6, 2013

First day on our own

Today was the first full day that we were "on our own" without any additional help.  I was nervous that it would be a complete nightmare, but everything actually turned out okay.

I stayed up until about 5am this morning.  I have been taking the "night" feeds (sleeping between) and Brian gets up early between 3 and 5 am and then I go back to sleep.  He is such a deep sleeper that he won't wake up if they cry so when he gets up, he's up for the day.

I got up about 10 a.m. and the girls were already down for their first nap.  The boys didn't need feeding at the moment so I pumped, took a shower, and hung out for a bit. The nice thing is that all 4 babies were sleeping at the same time, but the bad thing was that all 4 babies were going to wake up and need feeding at the same time too.  Brian had to leave for class at around 12:45 so he wasn't going to be able to stick around and help me with all of them either.

He helped me get the girls up from their nap, put them in their high chairs, got their food out, and pushed them into the living room so that I could nurse the boys while sitting on the couch and watch the girls eat their lunch at the same time.  It worked out for the most part.

After lunch, the boys fell asleep again so I was able to play with the girls.  Its amazing how much little babies sleep! The boys are such good sleepers too.  Not to say that they don't have their cranky moments... but they sure are happy babies about 90% of the time.  As soon as the boys were waking and ready to eat again, it was just about time to put the girls down for their 2nd nap.  I dread the day when they only have one nap, I really do.

I put the girls down, fed the boys, fed myself, did a few dishes, and made some lactation cookies.(And blogged too- can't forget that.)  I figure they couldn't hurt, and who doesn't like a cookie??   Brian got home about 4:45, got the girls up from their nap, made dinner and headed to bed.  I fed the boys, put Char to bed (Evy went to bed a little early because she was whining and tired.) fed the boys again (because apparently they are starving today!) and am currently pumping.

Am I tired? At the moment... not especially, but I'm sure once the adrenaline from the day wears off I will be the tiredest mama that you've ever met.  :)


Aspgriswold said...

Look at you go! Sounds like things are going as good as they can. WIshing you the best.

Neamorfnost said...

Seems like you are figuring it all out. And it will get easier once you have a routine!