Monday, April 29, 2013

Evy & Mommy time

I don't want my kids to just think that they are a "pair" because they have a twin.  I'm sure we will mostly do things all together as a family, or me with just the girls or just the boys but I also want to make sure I give each child individual attention.  I had to go to the grocery store the other day so I just took Evy!   We went to 3 different grocery stores and she got to eat two cookies!  The first store we went to had chocolate chip or sugar cookies for the kids.  FYI: Chocolate chips melt.  Everywhere.  Not a good idea!

Evy has been having a really hard time lately it seems.  She used to always want her daddy, but now she only wants her mama!  Even if I leave to take out a bag of trash, go to the bathroom, etc.  she is sad and just cries for her mama.  I had to choose one of them to with me that say, so that's how I picked Evy.  Char was supposed to go with me to the store today, but the day got away from us and by the time I left it was nap time.


A cookie and a blankey.  What more could an 18 month old want?

No, Evy! Don't climb out of the cart!!

When we got home, I gave Charlotte the task of helping carry in a pizza.  

The pizza survived... barely

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AletaObrien said...

You have such beautiful children! Ahhh, good to know that about chocolate chip cookies!!