Sunday, June 9, 2013


A friend of mine posted that last year on this day she found out she was pregnant!  It got me to thinking about what I was doing the past few Junes..

Today I have 3.5 month old beautiful baby boys and 20 month old toddlers with big personalities

1 year ago on June 25th 2012 I had two perfect blastocysts implanted into my uterus that are now my boys and I had two 8 month old little girls.

2 years ago was super pregnant with the girls! On June 29th 2011 I was 24 weeks along and had reached viability!  We all know how big of a day that is.

3 years ago in June 2010 I had just learned that I was having my first miscarriage- a chemical pregnancy.  I had a positive pregnancy test and was completely devastated when my lines got lighter and lighter.  I googled and googled and figured I was not pregnant... and I wasn't.

4 years ago in June of 2009 we started our infertility journey.  We made our appointment to meet with the RE and eventually met with him in July.

Where does the time go? Seriously!  Those first couple years of our journey were rough, but we made it through to the other side!

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