Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Career after kids....

For now I am a stay at home mom.  I was a teacher and may or may not go back to that when its time for me to make money again.  I have no idea when that will be, but if I want to change careers when I need to work again I should probably know what that something is.

When I first started teaching I was very passionate about it.  I thought it was super awesome that I got to teach a second language to elementary school aged kids!  It was a rare opportunity and I was happy to be able to sing songs, play games, and teach kids all at the same time.

When I began TTC, things got more difficult.  There were teachers getting pregnant and having babies.  I was obviously around kids all day long and that was hard to see too.  After I had the girls, it broke my heart to have to leave them every day to go to work.  They were either with Brian or our friend Sherrie and were well taken care of but I was jealous that I wasn't there with them to watch them learn, grow, and discover their surroundings.  My biggest issue was that I was teaching other people's kids that often were disrespectful and didn't want to be in my class when I would rather be spending time with my own kids.  They cried for their mama when I went back to work in the fall and it just broke my heart every day.

After I had the boys, I knew in my heart that I was not going back.  I just couldn't leave them!  On top of that, the gal that had watched the girls would not be able to watch all four, so I would have to find someone else that I completely 100% trust.  That's a hard thing to find.

I'm not completely sure if my lack of passion for teaching is because of these issues I mentioned above or if I am just burnt out from teaching.  Its a hard job!!  There's a saying that goes something like, "If you love your job you never work a day in your life." and perhaps I will find that job when the time is right.

My life has revolved around infertility for so long and I really enjoy talking about it and helping others through their journey.  People I talk to say that my journey is inspiring and they like to read about it because it gives them hope.

I like talking about my kids (what mom doesn't??), being a twin mom, and what its like to parent twins.  I like to talk about my VBAC and how you have to trust yourself, your body, your decisions, and the doctor you see.  I like to talk about breastfeeding and how great I think it is (even though I totally failed at it!)  I like to write this blog too!  I also really like to watch baseball (the Minn.esota Twins!) but that doesn't really relate to the others.

Perhaps there will be some job out there for me in the future relating to some of the above, and for now I am going to stick to volunteering in my local mother of multiples group! :)


AletaObrien said...

My Mom taught for over 30 years. She loved her job. I used to help her in the classroom; it was an eye opener. I respect teachers, but it's a career I didn't go into for the fact of seeing what my mom put up with, not just the students, but the parents, the administration, the hours, the pay, the everything. God bless teachers. Thank you for doing what you did... but now, you have a huge job... four beautiful children!

Mommy-At-Last said...

I hear you. I am back at work after my twins and it is hard every day. Funny enough when they start school next year I think it might be easier? I used to love my job, but now that I've had the kids my interests have changed. I too love blogging, talking about kids and infertility and breastfeeding (even though I also totally sucked at it) and childhood development, and healthy eating for kids. But I simply cannot figure out how to make money from any of that. So I am back in the job that no longer inspires me and keeps me away from my babies :(

Jessica said...

If I ever find something to use my "skills" I will be sure to let you know :)