Tuesday, August 27, 2013

SIX month old baby boys

I still find it hard to believe that time passes by so quickly.  It seems like yesterday I was laughing about hiding my pregnancy at work because I wanted to wait until my 13 week ultrasound to let the cat out of the bag.  I was in that weird in between phase of maternity and non maternity clothes where nothing fit.  I found myself wearing wrap dresses that obviously showed off my bump.  It was so much fun to just watch people looking at my belly wondering if I was pregnant or not.... No one at work dared to ask and I didn't want to tell!  When I told everyone at work I was pregnant with twins... again.... someone asked me if it was April Fools!  I will never forget those conversations in the teacher's lounge.  Its funny because I brought donuts that day to celebrate my news and that was one of my biggest cravings while I was pregnant with the boys.  That and decaf coffee with amaretto creamer.... Yummy!

I can't imagine my life without these boys. It is pretty chaotic having 4 under 2, but I hope that the girls and the boys will be close with one another and always have each other to lean on. I just absolutely love watching them all interact together.  The boys respond to the girls... laugh, etc. when the girls "play" with them.  Its so fun to watch!

Elliott and Oliver 6 Months!

Elliott and Oliver

Where do I even begin....   The boys have their 6 month check up so I will have to update their stats then, but Elliott is approximately 20 pounds and Oliver is approx. 17 pounds.  They are such big boys!  Elliott fits comfortably in 12 month clothes and Oliver in 9 month.  The other day I dug out an outfit that looked like it would fit and when I checked the tag, it was a 12-18 month size!  I couldn't believe it!!!

Oliver still squeezes into a size 2 diaper and Elliott has been a size 3 for a while now.  As soon as my 2s are gone, I will be putting Oliver in them too because there is no way I am buying THREE sizes of diapers for the kids!!  That would just be nutty.  

The boys don't have any teeth yet, and I am really not that anxious to start the teething process.  Its just not fun for anyone.  I'm sure it will happen sometime soon... but who needs teeth anyways!? Just kidding!

They go to sleep around 8pm and mostly sleep through the night.  Elliott usually wakes up around 7:30, but today he woke up at 6 which I was actually okay with.  Oliver has been waking up earlier (around 4-5 a.m. ) but I think its because he's going to bed closer to 8pm than 10pm.  ometimes he's up around midnight as well for a couple of ounces and then goes right back to bed.  I think his reflux medications must be working because it used to take an hour of rocking to get him to sleep at night.  Now, once he has enough to eat and his pacifier he is good to go!  I still have Elliott in the pack n play and Oliver is now sleeping in his car seat.  It all makes perfect sense now that he refused to sleep flat on his back because of his reflux problems.  He was sleeping in the swing/bouncy chair, etc but as soon as he started sitting up in bed, that was done for.  The only other "safe" place I could think of was his car seat (buckled) and that has done the trick for a few weeks now.  Its only a temporary solution and I'm not sure what I'm going to do once that isn't an option anymore..... I guess we will cross that bridge when we have to.  I've never had to "sleep train" any of the kids because they have always been great sleepers, but I may have to figure out something for Ollie... eventually.

We started solids! Finally! I held off as long as I could, but we started right around the beginning of the month.  Their first food was baby oatmeal!  They have since had avocados and sweet potatoes that I puree myself.  Solids have been a bit slow going and they don't have 1 meal every day, but I'm sure they won't go to kindergarten eating baby food so we will get there eventually.  I really don't mind making their food either. I just throw a sweet potato in the microwave for 10 minutes while I am tending to the girls, scoop it out, throw it in the Baby Breeza with some water and serve!  I have a variety of different containers to store it in also, so I can make 2 days worth in one day.  The avocado you have to use right away, so I just puree up 1/2 of one and feed the other 1/2 to the girls.  

I love how responsive the boys are and how much personality they are starting to have.  They certainly know when mama leaves the room and they don't like it!  I am with them just about 24 hours/day unless I escape to the store or something for an hour or so.  They love to imitate our sounds and facial expressions.  Elliott is blowing raspberries and Ollie is really trying hard to do the same.  

Elliott looooves to roll all over the place.  You put him on a blanket on the floor and he's off of it in no time.  Oliver couldn't care less about rolling though.  He still doesn't like his tummy time either and lets you know about it.  He's rolled a couple times, but not consistently and definitely not all over the house like Elliott does.  At this rate, he might be walking before he's rolling! Elliott is in the beginning stages of crawling.  He gets up on all fours and rocks back and forth a couple times before his legs go out underneath him.  It won't be long before he's crawling which is a little scary to think about.... more mobile kids!!  

The boys both love their jumperoo and exersaucer.  I swear those kids could jump all day long if we let them.  Sometimes they wear themselves out so much that they fall asleep in there.  They both take a 2-3 naps/day but not always at the same time.  

I love the looks the boys give me when they are falling asleep in my arms.  Oliver looks so serene and happy just before he falls asleep.  Elliott often falls asleep while nursing and I often just hold him until I need to put him down to tend to another child.  Sometimes when he's done, he just looks at me with a big grin and a satisfied look on his face.  Its priceless!  I love how the boys become limp noodles when they are done eating or nursing.  You know they are actually asleep wen you pick them up, put them on your chest and they just completely melt into your body.  It really is a satisfying feeling knowing that you are able to provide what they need.  My boys need their mama and I need them!  

Being a mom and watching my children grow is an amazing experience every single day.  No two days are alike because everything is a phase and constantly changing.  Just when you feel like you "know" how tomorrow is going to go, something throws you for a loop and you have to adapt and figure out whatever it is.  Never a dull moment!  That's for sure.  

Oliver and Elliott taking a snooze at the zoo

Oliver- sleeping in the jumperoo.  

Elliott was cranky, so I was practicing a little baby wearing while feeding the girls their breakfast

Sweet potatoes... Whaaaat?  Elliott

Oliver and his favorite pose.  I can't get enough of this cuteness!

Oliver and Elliott.  Just chilling on the blanket

 I think Oliver ended up with more food on his clothes and in his hair than in his mouth!  He is one wiggly boy.

This kid is so laid back.  After eating his dinner, he fell asleep while I was taking care of putting the girls to bed and feeding his brother.

Elliott... Just the beginning of holding his own bottle.  YEAH!

The shirt says it all.... this kid is going to be a heart breaker!

Words cannot describe how much I love my baby boys.  I am so proud to be their mom and so happy that I get to stay at home and watch them grow every single day!!

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Six Months of Breastmilk

My little boys have received SIX months worth of breastmilk!  Today I am going to celebrate making it to my first goal.  (YAY!)  My next goal will to be make it to 9 months.  Sometimes smaller goals are easier to make since they don't seem so far out there.  Elliott is still a breastfeeding champ and Oliver is still not wanting anything to do with it.  That's probably not going to change, so I still have to pump, but I'm pretty sure I'm going to run the pump over with my car when I'm done with it.  I hate that thing!

On a side note, did you know that I make about 1 gallon of breastmilk every 3 days?  Some days its the little things that keep me going!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

I went to go see my friend...

After crying half the day on Saturday and not thinking I would be able to go visit my friend at the hospital, I put on my big girl panties and went to see her.  This friend has been there for me through two miscarriages, my two twin pregnancies, and everything in between.  We carpooled to work for 4 years and never ran out of things to talk about!!  She was the first non-family member to see the girls after they were born, and has always gone on "adventures" to the mall, or where ever with me and my tiny army.

Since I've been trying to BF more, I took Elliott with me to the hospital to see her.  I wasn't sure of the etiquette on this, so I asked her if she minded that he come with me and she said that she didn't.  Her baby boy was such a cutie pie!  I got to hold him for several minutes.  I know it hasn't been that long since I've had a newborn, but holy crap they grow fast!  Her baby boy was just about the size of Elliott when he was born.  Its hard to believe that they were that tiny and fragile just 6 months ago!

While I was there, Elliott was hungry.  A photographer had come in and was taking pictures of their baby, so I decided to breastfeed Elliott instead of getting out the bottle.  He did a great job! My friend was having breastfeeding troubles, so I asked her if she mind I feed him, and she didn't care.  I felt really horrible that I was so scared to see her.  She was going through some hard times too with the breastfeeding, and I think she's doing better.  I just talked to her and she said he ate every 2 hours round the clock since he came home!  Yikes!  He's been falling asleep eating a lot too, then she swaddles him up, puts him down and he screams again.  Oh, ,the newborn days!  Sometimes I'm not sure how I survived them with the round the clock 3 hour feeding schedule.  Its hard enough lately and they are sleeping pretty much all night!

At the end of the day, I'm glad I went to go see my friend.  My mom listened to my crazy talk about why I didn't think I could handle it, but reminded me that she has always been there for me and that I should go.  

Monday, August 19, 2013

Oliver's ENT Appointment

We took Oliver to the ENT 2 weeks ago.  (Yes, I'm just behind on blogging!)

I got there, explained that he had a hoarse/raspy voice and said that he had troubles breastfeeding.  The doctor used a small scope thing that went down his nose to look and see if she could see anything.  I felt so bad for Ollie because he haaaaated it.  I mean who likes tubes down their noses??  She looked around and saw that his vocal cords were red and swollen and she thought it might look more swollen past the vocal cords as well, but she couldn't stick the camera thingey down any further without blocking his airway.

After she was done, she wanted to get an x-ray to check and see if that would show "something" in his throat.  This was not fun for him either. It only took a couple minutes for them to get back to us, and the x-ray showed that there was something there.  The doctor could only speculate what it might be, but she said she was "uncomfortable" not investigating any further because it could be something severe.  But, it could also just be caused by acid reflux which he had not previously been diagnosed with.

At the end of the appointment, she said that Oliver needed a bronchial scope and that he would also get his tongue tie clipped when he was under general anesthesia.  General anesthesia? What? My baby boy?? No way!!  I was absolutely terrified!! I did not want to see my baby boy in pain.  She also said that if they had to do surgery we would have to stay overnight! Surgery!??!!?? I was freaked out for sure!!  She told me that she would like to do this in the next couple of weeks to check things out.  I explained to her that when Brian was working, I was the only one to be there for the rest of the kids.  We don't have any family that lives nearby and all of our friends have jobs.  My mom just happened to be visiting from Minnesota, so I asked her if we could get it done that very same week so that someone could watch the kids if for some reason I had to stay overnight with Oliver.  She said okay and that a scheduler would call me that day.

Before I even got home, someone called me.   They said that the procedure was scheduled for the very next day.  I was really not at all prepared for that and felt completely overwhelmed with the whole situation.  I had no idea what was wrong with my baby boy!  The scheduler gave me all of the instructions for "surgery."  Oliver was not to have any formula 6 hours before, breastmilk 4 hours before and water/pedialite 3 hours before.  I fed him up to the very last minute possible because its pretty impossible to explain to a 5.5 month old that his mommy couldn't feed him and he was hungry.

The day of the procedure I tried to hold it together.  I had no idea really of what to expect, how long it was going to take, all of that.  I packed a bag for both of us and brought my breast pump just in case we ended up staying the night.  We had to check in 2 hours before the appointment.  Brian was at work and met us there while we were in the "pre-surgery" or whatever you call it.  We spoke with about 93 different nurses that asked us the same questions... "When did he eat?" "What procedure are you here for?" things like that.

About an hour before he went in, I could tell he was hungry because he wouldn't stop crying.  Brian turned on some music on his phone and it instantly calmed him down.  This boy looooves his music!  He fell asleep for a while which was nice, because I couldn't feed him!!

They took him back to give him some gas before they put in his IV.  They said it would be about 40 minutes.  Brian and I went out to the waiting room... I pumped and Brian went to go get some food.  By the time we were done with all of that, he was done!  Thank goodness it didn't take long.  And there was no surgery required.  The doctor talked to Brian and said the swelling and redness were due to the acid reflux.  There was also some "cobble-stoning" in his throat.  (I forgot what that meant.)

We went back to the recovery area and he was so sleepy.  I got to hold my baby boy with all of monitors and IV lines still attached.  He drank some pedialite first to make sure that he could tolerate fluids and then I gave him some breastmilk. He was obviously starving because over the course of an hour or so he drank about 13 ounces!  I'm glad I had breastmilk there for him, because he couldn't have formula right away... upsets the tummy more easily I suppose.

We stayed in recovery for about an hour and then got to go home.  It was such an emotional day and while I'm not happy he had to go through that, I'm glad that it turned out to be nothing and some acid reflux medicine should help him feel better and not have such a hoarse voice.

Here I am in recovery with Oliver.  

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Why does it have to be so hard??

My friend had her baby today!  She is just about the only person that I've been genuinely happy for when she announced her pregnancy.  She was a few days overdue and everyone was anxiously awaiting the arrival of her baby boy!  I must have had a "feeling" because I texted her asking if it was "baby time" yet right about the time she actually had him!  She texted me back about an hour after.

Brian asked me today if I was going to go see her today at the hospital and I started bawling my eyes out.  I had already been thinking about this before he asked me and I guess I just lost it when the thought finally really crossed my mind.

Let's just start by saying that I think breastfeeding is awesome.  My friend plans to BF until she goes back to work when the baby is about 8 weeks old.  We talked at length a few weeks ago about what to expect, how it feels, how to tell if he's getting enough, what to do if he might be tongue tied, no pacifiers in the hospital, no bottles until 3-4 weeks,breast pumps, pumping at work, all of that.  I even gave her some of my disposable breast pads that I never used because I never have any leaking problems.

I'm happy that she's making the decision to BF, because I think that everybody should at least give it a shot.  But, here's my problem:  with all of my struggles, Oliver not latching, sometimes being rejected by Elliott, I just don't think I would be sharing in her happiness seeing her feed her baby.  I really want to see her, and see her new baby boy, but I'm just not sure how I would react if it was feeding time.  Maybe she wouldn't want company while she was feeding anyways, but as we all know, newborns eat super often and there's a good chance it would happen while I was there.  She is pretty much my closest friend and I can't ignore her for 8 weeks, so I'm not really sure what I'm going to do.

I've spent a good portion of my day crying and I feel so dumb for doing it!  I know that I am giving my boys what I can, but I just beat myself up over the fact that I can't give them more.  Oliver had his tongue tie fixed, but I still can't get him to latch and I can only feed him at the breast if I do all the work for him and literally squirt the milk in his mouth by manual expression.  He probably isn't really getting that much that way either so he's still hungry.  Elliott loves to breastfeed in the morning, but other times of the day are questionable.  Sometimes he wants the boob and sometimes not!

The frustrating thing with pumping is that you feel like a slave to the stupid thing.  I've said it before, but its like I pump and then start the 3 hour countdown until the next time.  This is becoming a problem since we have been attempting to get out more.  I've been going to the park, and it would be so much easier to just whip out a boob, than bring bottles.  The other day when we went, Elliott was crying so I thought, okay.... I'll just feed you and that will be that.  I was there with the mom that I just met and she had BFed her baby, so I felt comfortable BFing around her.  Well, Elliott had other plans.  He would not latch.  Just wasn't having any of it.  I tried both sides and our usual "football hold" that he likes the best but he just wouldn't.  In the meantime, Char stole the one bottle I did bring with and drank the whole thing.  Great.  I felt so embarrassed!  I was rejected by my own baby! It would be different if we were at home and I could just go heat him up a bottle or whatever, but we weren't... and I didn't have any other options.  He must have got a few sips to tide him over because he stopped crying, but he still needed to be fed when we got home.

I'm taking all of the kids to the zoo by myself next week and I really hate having to worry about "when's the next time I need to pump??" It would just be so much easier to feed Elliott myself and not have to worry about it.  I don't want to have to leave because I feel guilty about not pumping either.  I'm meeting up with a friend that lives on the opposite side of town, so we don't get together often and I really look forward to catching up with her!

I think that ultimately I need to decide which makes me happier.... pumping and getting more, or losing a few pumps and breastfeeding more.  I just need to make sure I split up the liquid gold between the boys, and not just give Elliott more because he breastfeeds... so I can't ditch the pump all together.

Here's my thought:  I wonder if I can try pumping 2x/day and BFing Elliott the rest of the day (if he will have it).  I can wake up, bottle feed Oliver, BF Elliott and then pump.  I usually get 8-10 oz after I BF.  Then, the rest of the day I can just BF Elliott on demand and not worry about pumping afterwards.  He might be happier if I'm more full.  Then, I can pump after I have put the boys to sleep and before I go to sleep.  I have NO idea what this would do to my supply, but it might be worth a shot.  We will see.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Turning Lemons into Lemonade

Today was complete crap.  By 10 a.m. I was ready to throw in the towel.  Evy was up from 1-3 a.m. last night.  She wouldn't go to sleep in her bed, in my arms, in my bed, not anywhere.  She woke up the rest of the kids so around 2 a.m. ALL kids were awake.  At that point I woke Brian up and he somehow got Evy to go back to sleep in her crib.

 Oliver was up at his usual 6 a.m. so I fed him, fed Elliott, and pumped before going back to bed around 7 a.m. Brian overslept for work and left about 15 minutes late for work, so he was rushing around and woke up the boys.

The phone rang at 3 minutes to 9.  I assumed it was Brian calling to say he made it on time.  Nope.  He was 5 blocks from home and a bicyclist had hit his car.  Yes, the cyclist hit HIM.  Seriously?  The intersection is completely overgrown with this ivy stuff and there is no way either one of them could have seen each other.

I got the girls up and they were cranky as heck.  They whined, cried, wanted more raisins and brown sugar on their oatmeal, wanted milk, wanted water, wanted whatever I didn't give them.  I was just so tired and thought I was going to lose my mind.  I had no idea how I was going to make it through this day!

At 9:56 I texted my friend asking if I could borrow her two teenage daughters for the day.  She called me right after I texted and said that she could drop them off.  Hooray!

We finished breakfast and they were all still crying.  All of them.  Crying.  At the same time.  And then the dog starts howling.  Its a freaking side show to the circus.  I turned on Yo Gabba Gabba in hopes that it would calm them down.  And it did!  All of them.  Some days I seriously want to hug the creator of that show.  (But most days I want to kill him because I'm so sick of watching it!)  I hadn't pumped for like 4 hours and was off my "schedule" so I had to get them to chill out while I did that.

I was completely exhausted, but I decided some fresh air was going to be good for us.  We all got dressed, I threw everyone in the stroller and off we went to the park. My friend met us at the park and dropped off her kids to help me out.  The girls LOVE the park.  Love it!  They seriously listen so well that I'm just amazed.

While we were at the park, I met another mom!  She has a daughter just a little bit younger than the girls and number 2 on the way.  It was the first time a pregnant belly did not bother me.  I'm not really sure why either.  I talked to this gal for probably a good hour or so while the kids were playing.  Our girls played amazingly well and got along like they have been playing together for a long time.  I talked to this gal like we'd been friends for years.  It was very unexpected, but great!  We both walked to the park and it turns out that we live about 1 block from each other.  We exchanged numbers and talked about getting our kids together for a playdate!

After the park, we went home, gave the girls lunch and put them down for a nap.  It really turned out to be a great day.  Just goes to show that life is what you make of it.  I could have stayed home and the kids would have probably continued to be cranky and tired.  But instead, we left the house, got some fresh air, and made some new friends.  I'm exhausted and completely ready for bed but so satisfied that I didn't just fold under the pressure of our crazy life.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

An Adventurous Morning

We recently got a quad stroller from Brian's aunt and I was feeling adventurous today so we took it on a spin to the park!

I got all of the kids up, fed them breakfast and then we jumped in and went.  If I try and pack/prep too much, we never go anywhere.  I find its easier to just GO!  

The park is only about a 10 minute walk from the house, but a 75 pound stroller plus about 90 pounds of babies makes for an amazing workout!

Elliott and Oliver in the back
Char & Evy in the front

The girls were anxious to get out once we got to the park.  I let them play while I stayed with the boys and the stroller.  I am so lucky that they are good listeners and don't wander off.  

They play with the rocks, climb a little bit, and sometimes go down the slide.  It rained yesterday so we didn't go down the slide today!  Elliott got fussy, so I sat on the ground and nursed him while I watched the girls play.  There were other people playing at the park too, but they didn't seem to notice.

When we were done playing with the rocks, Evy said "Weeee!" which means she wanted to go on the swings.   We always say "Weeee!" when we swing or go down slides!  Char didn't want to swing, so she just pushed Evy instead.

We took the long way home and walked around a small lake.  We said "Weeeee!" on the way down the big hill and said, "hi" to the ducks and the water that we saw.  

On the way home from the park, we stopped at my neighbor's house to say "hi!"  They haven't seen the boys yet, so I thought it would be nice.  The boys fell asleep on the way back to the house, but woke up when we stopped.  The girls got out of the stroller so my neighbor helped walk us next door!  As soon as we got inside, I put Elliott down and he fell right asleep!  I fed Oliver and he fell asleep too.  We got back about 30 minutes before naptime so the girls watched one episode of Yo Gabba Gabba and then went down for their nap!  

I have to say, it felt so great to get out with all four and there weren't any meltdowns or disasters.  Next time, we might venture out a bit and go somewhere out of the neighborhood! 

Sunday, August 4, 2013


Some days the "naptime countdown" happens as soon as all of the kids get out bed.  When the girls were little, they took three naps/day for what seemed like a looooong time.  I remember transitioning down to only two and we had that schedule for quite some time.  The two nap schedule was wake up time: 7 a.m. , nap from 9-11am, lunch, nap from 1-3pm and bed at 7p.m.  It was a great schedule until.... daylight savings time snuck up on us.  For the time change, I would generally move their schedule gradually over a two week period to adjust to the new time.  I completely forgot to do that, so everything just shifted.  They got up at 8:00 and somehow their naptime moved to 11 a.m.  They were then sleeping until 1pm, having lunch, and taking another nap from 4-6pm with bedtime around 8:00 or 8:30p.m.

Although it was nice to have that extra "rest" period in the afternoon, it sure made it difficult to go anywhere for any length of time.  By the time we woke up from naps, ate lunch, and got ready, it was just about time for another nap! So, at about 21 months, we finally dropped the second nap and went down to just one.  Currently, its from about 11a-2pm and sometimes even 2:30.  After that, the girls have lunch and we just play play play until its time for dinner and bedtime.

I think a lot of kids that go to daycare are forced to drop that second nap right around 12 months.  One benefit of staying home with my kids is that I can try and go with their natural rhythm more and not force them into a schedule that just doesn't work for them.  I went over to Brian's aunt's house the other day to pick up a quad stroller and somehow this came up... She said, "Well that schedule would never fly at daycare.  You mean they nap during lunchtime?"  I just said, "Yup! We eat lunch around 3pm." and she was just like, "Huh."  It may seem a little funny, but with the one nap thing, inevitably two meals are going to be close together.  The girls get up around 8:00 and we end up eating probably closer to 9:00.  So, if they had a later nap then they would be eating lunch at probably 12:00.  When did eating and sleeping get so complicated!?!?

The boys have their own schedule and tend to take a nice long nap when the girls are sleeping too.  I just call it "Mommy break time!"  In my mind, the boys don't have a set schedule, but I think that's because I'm just too tired to "notice" what time they do everything.  Things always go the same everyday, but when they are a little off I don't fret because bedtime gives everyone a reset and the next day we start fresh!

Friday, August 2, 2013

World Breastfeeding Week

This week brings a lot of emotions forward for me.  If you have been reading along for a while well then you know why.  Every day I try to be okay just pumping but the truth is that I hate this stupid pump.  When we were back in Minnesota, my mom was singing "The Wheels on the Bus" to the girls.  And she said, "The mommy on the bus goes pump pump pump."  OK, and I have to admit that it was pretty funny, but I feel like its all I do!! I pump, then I count down the next 3 hours until I have to get the stupid thing out again.  I'm not ready to quit, and I'm not sure when I will be, but I do hate it.

Elliott is still a nursing champ- when I'm full.  He does great in the morning and has no problems getting what he needs.  Its when I'm getting low that he has a problem and just can't become satisfied.  I'm sad to say that the past two nights that I've tried to nurse him before bed, he just wasn't having any of it.  My pumping schedule has been such that I pump around 6:30 pm  and then try to nurse him to sleep around 8-8:30.  I think I'm not giving myself enough time to fill back up so perhaps that's the problem.  So, I might have to drop a session or juggle my schedule a little if I want things to change.

Oliver is going to the ENT on Monday to check if he has acid reflux and tongue tie.  If he is indeed tongue tied and they recommend getting him clipped, I probably will do it.  Its not just for the fact that he might breastfeed after that, but there can be other problems like speech issues that could come up.  I'm sure it would be a lot more traumatizing when he's 3 to have that done than now when he won't know what's happening.  So, we will see!

If you don't like breastfeeding pictures, please feel free to skip.  I believe that breastfeeding is beautiful and people should not be afraid to see it.  Yes, breasts are sexual, but they are also for nourishing babies and I don't believe they need to be hidden away.  These pictures are special to me and I'm not ashamed to show them.

Oliver- 24 hours old

Elliott- 24 hours old

Tandem nursing my baby boys- about 3 weeks old

Tandem bottle feeding

So sleepy after a nice meal

Sleepy boys


Silly girl playing with the nursing pillow


Elliott and Oliver

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