Friday, November 15, 2013


Feeding my kids healthy food is a priority for me, so I typically make their baby food.  (Its not to say that I don't give my girls french fries.... because I do that too.)

I loaded the pictures from an app that syncs my phone pictures right to google, so they are in reverse order and I don't know how to fix that... but they are still here!  

I find that its easier to make the food in big batches so that I can just pull it all out of the freezer when needed.  I spent probably two hours making food last Sunday night and it should last for a while.  I made peaches, peas, green beans, sweet potatoes, and spinach.  I usually mix the veggies with a mashed banana and some oatmeal or mixed grain cereal depending on what meal its for.  I do have some store bought fruit as well, but I got that when I was trying to just get Oliver to eat something.  I plan to make some more pureed fruit next time!  

I have a Baby Breeza, which works well but it quit working so I had to improvise.  This time I used a big bowl to put the food in and then just popped it in the microwave to steam it.  I then blended it up in my Ninja blender and use the Infantino Squeeze station to put it into pouches.  I could use the ice cube trays that have lids on them, but I find that I can't make as much at one time because once those are full, I have to wait for them to freeze before I can fill them again.  The pouches are easy to pull out of the freezer, warm up, and put in a bowl for the boys too.  I could make pouches for the girls as well, but I just haven't gotten around to doing that yet!!

I'm probably crazy for not wanting to buy baby food already made, but I don't know what "peach puree concentrate" is.  I like to know what goes into it, so the only way to do that is to make it myself!  

Our ice maker broke, so I use that to put all of my pouches in.  On the right there is extra breastmilk that's not dairy/soy free and ice cream that's just begging to be eaten!!

Here's my 32 pouches.  I had carrots ready to go as well, but I ran out of pouches!

This is what the pouches come in.  I think the pack of 50 is around $10

The Ninja!

I used a glass bowl to cook the veggies in

This is the Squeeze Station.  Its actually super easy to use and clean! I think it was about $25.  


AletaObrien said...

WOW. Ok, I'm impressed and I'm feeling a little bit embarrassed, because I feed my baby with the baby food jars :( Kudos to you though!!

Jessica said...

Don't be embarrassed!! I think I am more of the exception. That said, its super easy to make and I would be happy to help you get started!