Wednesday, November 24, 2010

More Waiting

Today was supposed to be my regroup appoint with Dr. S.  The point of the meeting is to talk about what happened with my miscarriage, what tests we need to run, and what the next cycle will look like.  I even had a whole list of questions ready to go to bring to the meeting.  At about 10:00 my phone rang and it was the doctor's office.  I couldn't imagine any reason that they would have to call me today since they called yesterday to confirm my appointment.  The receptionist says, "I'm really sorry, but Dr. S broke his tooth today and has to get it fixed so we need to move your appointment to another day." Normally things like this wouldn't bother me, but I have been thinking about the conversation that Brian and I were going to have with the doctor for two weeks!!  Luckily he agreed to come in on Friday (even though it is his day off) and meet with us.  I was very happy about that because I didn't want to have to take off time from work.  I guess I just have more time to think about questions!

Because we didn't have the appointment today, it gave Brian and I time to go appliance shopping.  Our oven spontaniously died a couple weeks ago so we really needed to buy another one.  But, the deals were so good that we got sucked into buying an oven and a new refrigerator.  We have been wanting one ever since we moved in, so I guess it was about time.

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