Saturday, January 22, 2011

Follie Check

I am now on day six of stims.  I went in on Thursday and also today for them to do an ultrasound to check how many eggies are cooking!  On Thursday there were 5 "lead" follicles and a bunch more small ones.  Today, there were 18 total!  With my last IVF I had 23 eggs and got OHSS, so hopefully 18 of the eggs will be mature but not give me OHSS! (Which is miserable BTW.)

The nurse will call me this afternoon after the bloodwork comes back from the lab.  I will most likely go back on Monday and see when I will trigger!


Amanda said...

Wow! What great news!!!

Aleta said...

I'm just starting on the "road well traveled"... Starting with Clomid in the beginning of February by doing a CCT.

Sending prayers and positive thoughts your way!!

Jessica Anne said...

Good Luck to you! I hope your road is very short and you get your baby soon! =)