Monday, January 10, 2011

Getting closer!

I haven't posted in a while and a lot has happened since! Hmmm, where to start.....

Last week I had a hysteroscopy (aka visit with the hoo ha cam) done to check the inside of my uterus for any remaining tissue from the miscarriage.  The doc stuck the cam in and everything was going fine until I saw what was going on inside there.  Usually the inside of a person's uterus is a light pinkish color.... but mine had lots of discoloration and shades of red. 

I was super freaked out! I thought, "Oh no, not another setback." But, the doc did a biopsy and everything turned out just fine.  They put me on some antibiotics because of possible inflammation and hopefully the "ute" will be back to normal soon.

On Dec. 23rd I started BCPs (birth control pills) to get this cycle going and keep everything regulated.  It seems pretty dumb to me that people who are TTC (trying to conceive) are put on BCPs, but I guess it is what it is.  Some people have weird reactions to the pills, but I feel fine and can just attribute any extra bitchiness to the pills! =D

After about 2 1/2 weeks on the BCPs I got to start the infamous Loopy Lupron injections.  Of course, Brian was out of town when I started the shots.  Great. Thank goodness I have a great friend who lives right down the road that doesn't mind poking me a couple times.  The needles are about the width of 2 hairs but I don't care.  Just the thought of sticking myself with something sharp is not appealing AT ALL!  I think if I had to stick myself I would actually probably die.  Yup, I would just fall over dead and that would be it. 

So for now I take about 85 pills per day, 1 shot and then go in for blood work and an ultrasound on Sunday.  If all is good on Sunday I will start the stims (aka make your ovaries the size of grapefruits) injections on Monday! After that, hopefully an ER (egg retrieval) that will yeild lots of future babies! =D

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