Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I'm back! Times TWO

I'm sorry that I haven't posted since I got "the news" so I have a lot to update on! 


Here are my betas:
13dpo- 117
16dpo- 318
23dpo- 7000+

These numbers aren't super high, but I would consider them to be strong numbers.  I guess that's maybe why I am in shock right now.

Brian and I were so nervous about our 1st ultrasound today.  I kept hearing the nightmare, "I'm sorry Jessica, but there's nothing inside" conversation from the ultrasound tech.  I had to go to work for a half day today since I am running out of sick leave so these crazy thoughts were just wandering in and out of my mind all day.

I finally got home from work, Brian made lunch and then we were off to the doctor's appointment.  Of course, we took our sweet time eating lunch and we were LATE! I know! I have been waiting for this day for 2 1/2 weeks and we couldn't even manage to be on time!? WTH!  Oh well, we made it and it was fine. 

The ultrasound tech told me to drop my drawers and came back when she heard the wrinkle of the "privacy" sheet.  (I know, what for right?) I was almost too scared to look at the screen because of fear of the unknown I suppose.  But, could I really not look? I thought I had seen.... what.... ok is this what I really think I'm seeing???  And the tech says... "How do you feel about TWO?" Oh my gosh!  I think Brian and I just looked at each other like WOW, are you serious??  I mean I knew we had good embryos, but WOW! 

Both twins measured exactly 7w0d which is exactly what I am today! One had a heartbeat of 136 and the other was 134.  The tech and the nurse practitioner said they were both looking "perfect" so hopefully I have nothing to worry about! 

So now my task is to find a OBGYN and I go back to the RE's clinic in 2 weeks to get another ultrasound!  Yippee!!! I am over the moon right now

Sorry this picture is so fuzzy!  I took the pic with my phone and then uploaded it here! but, you can clearly see blob A and blob B!


Brian Grewe said...

the babies measured at 7w2d. not 0d.

Chelsea said...

Twice the joy, how wonderfu! Congratulations!

Amanda said...

Yay!!! What wonderful news! I am so happy for you guys and will be looking forward to your updates.