Thursday, March 3, 2011

Is this for real?

When I woke up today, I had this feeling of, "Did that all just happen yesterday or was it all a dream?"  I feel like I have been waiting so long that I just kept thinking that disappointment was around the corner.


Now, my plan is to keep this "news" from my co-workers until mid-April.  I am up for tenure this year and I don't want anything to get in the way of their decision to rehire me for the long haul.  My official due date is October 19th, but from what I've read, twins tend to come earlier than the normal 40 weeks.  We do start school on August 15th, so that will give me a good month and a half to two months to work, but I just don't want to give my employer a reason to not want me back at all. 

It may sound easy to keep your mouth shut, but for those of you who have met me, are you kidding??? I am a very open person and tend to tell people whats on my mind.  I have grown close to a lot of people that I work with and they have helped keep me sane during this crazy infertility roller coaster.  I feel bad not sharing my joy with them, but hopefully when they find out and can actually see my twin baby belly they will still be very happy!!  I will be about 13 weeks or so when I plan on telling people, so I just hope I am not showing too much by then! (Although i secretly want a huge belly NOW!)  But, as my mom told me yesterday, "You will be as big as a house!!" Maybe I should hold off on wanting that... I do like seeing my feet every now and again.

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