Monday, March 28, 2011

One more injection!

I have been on Progesterone in Oil (PIO) injections since approx. January 26th.  Now, these shots are not like the little tiny insulin needles that feel like a little pinch and you're done.  This injection is with a 1 1/2 inch 26 gauge needle that goes in my butt/hip area.  To make it even worse, there is only about a space with a 3 inch diameter on each side that you can inject into to get it in the right spot.

 So lets count..... approx 2 months of daily injections in a teeny tiny area = lots of bruises.  Brian does a great job of trying to avoid the bruises, but lately it has been difficult.  The medication is also in an oil, so its hard to push in.  The last few injections have literally felt like liquid fire.  Imagine a huge needle going through a bruise and then taking about 30 seconds for a thick liquid to burn all the way in.  Yup, it sucks.  But, the PIO was helping support my babies until the placenta could make its own progesterone.

Tomorrow marks the LAST day of the PIO.  (And estrogen for that matter as well.)  I take my last shot tomorrow, along with my last estrogen supplement and then on Wednesday go back in for blood work to make sure that my levels are okay without being supported.  I will be 11w0d and Wednesday and will hopefully feel a little bit more like a regular pregnant person and not one walking on eggshells every second of every day.


Cherbear said...

so glad they are almost over! Your poor hip/butt!! I appreciate the heads up...that pretty much sounds like no fun, but I'll do anything to keep my baby(s) healthy once I finally get some to stick!

Liz said...

The program is intended for use with any age group. It was be used with adults with autism, so I guess that's why they include a sexual library? Maybe some of the pictures are included to help teach about inappropriate stuff? Who knows....I DEFINITELY don't use those ones with children!