Sunday, May 15, 2011


I finally decided that its time to break down and buy some maternity clothing.  My dress pants for work are way too tight and my shirts are getting rediculous looking.  BUT, here are a few of the problems I have faced so far:

1.) If I buy clothes that fit  now, will they really fit me later?
2.) Maternity clothes are super crazy expensive if you go to somewhere like Motherhood Maternity or Pea in the Pod.
3.) I really only need summer clothes right now, but when I decided that I needed clothes I still had about 3 weeks to work until summer vacation
4.) I think I have a slight identity crisis every time I look at how HUGE the maternity clothes really are!

I've been to a number of different stores just looking for simple short-sleeved shirts and such and have been seriously unsuccessful.... until today!  The Old Navy store by my house unfortunately does not carry maternity clothing.  BUT, luckily another store about 30 minutes from home does! Brian and I went there today to check things out.  They actually had a ton of shirts on clearance and I brought some coupons to use as well.  I ended up buying a huge bag of shirts for really not that much at all.  Success! 

While we were shopping I saw a woman with a twin side by side stroller.  I had been looking at strollers online to see what was out there and what people thought.  I saw a few different options:
1.) snap and go strollers (the ones where you snap the baby seats right in the stroller)
2.) regular side by side double strollers
3.) front-to-back double strollers
4.) both types of strollers just in the jogger version (they have bigger wheels that look like bicycle tires)

So I guess I am a pretty social person so I decided to randomly ask this woman how she liked her side by side stroller and then I ended up talking to her for probably a good 20 minutes.  She was very nice and answered all of my silly questions and didn't seem to think that I was nuts at all for just randomly asking her questions.  She really seemed quite happy to talk about her experiences with her twins!

We got to talking and I told her that we were looking into car seats, etc. and she just so happened to be getting rid of her two car seats and snap and go stroller!  She also has bouncy seats, boppy pillows, etc. and a huge bag of maternity clothes that she wants out of her garage!  She also told me about a mother of multiples group that meets every so often and that has garage with all of their multiples stuff.

We exchanged information and I told her that I would give her a call or shoot her an e-mail to find a time to meet up so that I could look at her baby stuff.  I think it is very cool that this perfect stranger was so nice and so happy about unloading her used baby stuff!!  I'd call it a successful shopping trip today! =)


Krista said...

Hi Jessica! How funny...I've actually met a few girls through the blogs that went to the same clinic as me. Conceptions? All are pregnant now, so I guess that is a good sign! I'd love to keep in touch with you..oh, and congrats on the pregnancy!! Who was your doc? I love all 3 of them and each one has really been there for me through all of the this craziness!

Amanda said...

Sounds like you had an eventful weekend! Try not to think about the size of the maternity clothes; just focus on how absolutely adorable you must look in them!!! =) I think we need a tummy picture from you soon...