Monday, September 12, 2011

2cm dilated!

Yup, I guess its a 2-post day!  I suppose there is a lot going on right now.

Today was the weekly NST (non-stress test) and visit with the doc.  While I was hooked up to the monitors I had like 5 contractions in about 30 minutes.  These contractions were actually pretty painful too! They weren't like oh my gosh I am going to die contractions but they definitely didn't feel good.  After the doc saw this he decided to check my cervix..... A week and a half ago it was still closed and 3cm LONG.  Today it was 2cm dilated!  I must admit, the exam was not super fun and did NOT feel awesome.  I guess I wasn't expecting that. 

The verdict is that we could have babies tomorrow.... or it could be another 2 weeks.  But, for sure I will not be making it to 38 weeks.  The doc said that most babies that are born at 5lbs or bigger will go home with mom and dad..... so I'm glad that they are big!  He also said that if I start to labor that I shouldn't eat anything because I will be getting a C-section (Baby A's butt is still right by my cervix.) 

All I can say is WOAH! Babies are coming!! =D

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Cori said...

Oh my gosh!!!!! How exciting! Can't wait for another udate!