Saturday, September 10, 2011

More Contractions

It seems to me that these babies do not like my uterus anymore.  Last weekend they scared the crap out of me and this weekend is no different!

This morning Brian and I didn't do too terribly much.... We went to a breastfeeding class from 9-12 but it was pretty low key as we were sitting there and just listening pretty much the whole time.  The class was at the hospital that I will be delivering at and Brian actually saw our doctor walk by the conference room that we were in. 

Anyways, during the class I had a contraction.  I didn't really think much of it because it was just one.  After the class we went out for lunch and got some super yummy Mongolian BBQ. I don't remember if I had any contractions there or not.

On our way back home we decided to stop at Target and pick up a few groceries since we were already out and about.  As we were walking around Target I had multiple contractions!  They got so bad that we had to shorten our trip and go home.  Brian wanted me to call the doc right when we got home but I decided to drink some water and rest for a while before calling.  While resting I had 4 contractions in 45 min! That's when Brian made me call. 

The doc called me back a few minutes later and told me to take the terbutaline, wait 30 min and then count contractions for an hour after that.  If I have 5 or more in that hour I should call him back.  Well, I have about 10 min left to wait until my 30 min is up and then I guess we will see what happens!  Hopefully things will settle down.  Thankfully I have my weekly checkup on Monday!

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