Monday, September 19, 2011

No Babies Yet!

I went in to the doc on Wednesday and I am still only 2cm dilated and still have 2cm of length of my cervix left.  Brian went to Minnesota for his best friend's wedding and for his brother's wedding.  I have to admit, I was a little nervous because I was having a ton of contractions on Thursday..... but I took some meds and they went away.  While Brian was gone my mom came to visit!  It was really nice to have her here just in case I went into labor.  I certainly would not have liked to be home alone and have to go to the hospital by myself!  That would have just been sad. 

Friday was my last day of work until January.  My co workers threw me a baby shower on Friday so that was a nice way to have my last day! My other school threw me a shower on Wednesday and that was my last day there too!  I received lots of super cute stuff!  These are going to be some pretty spoiled babies!  Their nursery is getting so full!

Sunday we had maternity pictures taken.  I am not used to being "in the spotlight" so that was a little strange, but I think we got some really cute pictures.  A friend recommended the woman who took the pictures and from what I saw, they turned out very nice.  She gave us some ideas and also asked us what we really were wanting from the photo shoot.  She was very patient and willing to entertain some of the ideas that Brian had.  She was quite affordable too!  She is going to send us a CD of the pictures in the mail in about a week.  When she does, I will post a couple here!

I go back to the doctor on Wednesday.  I have been having a lot of contractions so we will see if things are progressing or if they are the same.  I will be 36 weeks on Wed. so I feel like the babies are probably pretty safe at this point from the NICU.  (I am hoping anyways.)  I am getting very anxious to see them and to tell everyone their names!! Brian and I are the only people that know the names and I honestly think it is making people cranky.  But, we wanted to keep something for a surprise!

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Krista said...

Matt and I plan to keep the names a secret too....people aren't going to be happy about this!
Getting soooo excited for you guys!