Tuesday, October 2, 2012

An E-mail from Brian

Its funny how life changes and how the daily conversations change when you become a mom.  This is the e-mail Brian sent me while I was at work today and I found it pretty funny :)


Can you pick Dinner up somewhere tonight? I have to finish this paper before I leave to go meet Steve at 7:30. LMK.

The girls ate for breakfast a peach, pear, rice crispies and some baby yogurt. For lunch, they ate Vegetables, Pasta from the Fridge, and some of Sherrie's Cottage Cheese that she had for lunch. Evy pooped 3 times today, 2 were hard, 1 was softer. Not sure about Charlotte though."


Aleta said...

LMAO, the poop comments had me smiling!

Anonymous said...

very funny report:) cos of the poops:)

Neamorfnost said...

That is a funny "daddy report"