Monday, December 10, 2012

Nothing is certain

I am so thankful for every day that these boys keep cooking.  They say that at 24 weeks babies are technically viable, but it doesn't mean that they will for sure survive.

I have joined a couple of groups of ladies that have babies due in Feb/March.  Well, its only December and a few of them have already given birth to their precious little babies.  At 24 weeks one woman lost both of her twins within 3 days of birth.  Another woman gave birth to her little boy 19 days ago and kept the other in utero for an additional 10 days.  Today she was not so lucky and lost her precious boy after he fought to survive for 19 days.  It just breaks my heart that she went through so much to conceive her boys and one is gone too soon. 

I guess I just feel terrible for her and it really puts things into perspective.  People keep telling me that I shouldn't do so much and you know what? I think I won't do so much anymore.  My top priorities are taking care of my little girls and keeping my little boys cooking until February. 


Neamorfnost said...

Oh everything will be great! I remember myself reading all these sad stories and getting scared and upset. Just take it easy and enjoy this time!

Amanda said...

From a former NICU mommy, take it easy. I did everything I could to keep my twins in (but you already know that!), and some things are beyond our control. Control what you can!!! Gabriella and Benjamin were late term preemies at 34 weeks, and let me tell you that NICU life is hard. So, you just do what you can to relax and take it easy when you are able to. ((hugs))

Anonymous said...

Everything will be fine, but take rest as much as you can, not only physical byt psychological too.You will need a lot of strenght once they come:)