Monday, March 4, 2013

A week old...

The boys are just over a week old! Both are doing absolutely fantastic.  Some days I can hardly believe that I became a mom again.  Its just such an amazing thing to bring lives into this world.

Both of my little buddies are nursing well and sleeping well.  We are still working on exclusively breastfeeding which I really hope happens, but for now I am nursing, pumping, and supplementing with formula.  The lactation consultant and our pediatrician don't really think that its possible (especially with my history of low supply) but I really think that I can make it happen.

Right now, they are eating every 2 ish hours 2-3oz, or nursing for 30-40 minutes.  They sleep between feedings but are staying awake for more bits of time here and there.  Both of them like to be wrapped up tight and swaddled.... Oliver especially.  Oliver only really likes to sleep either in your arms, or in a swaddle. He must have been really squished by his big brother in the womb!

They fit into newborn clothes, but Oliver could have probably worn the preemies for a while.  He was only 6lbs 3oz at birth!  I can't believe how different these two little boys look.  Elliott looks a lot like Evy did when she was a newborn and well, Oliver has a look of his own.  His hair is a light brown color while his siblings all have dark black hair.  Perhaps people won't ask me if they are identical like they do with the girls (Even though Charlotte has stick straight hair and Evy's is wavy.)

Two little Enchiladas- Oliver and Elliott

In their car seats all ready to go home from the hospital.  Oliver and Elliott


I am so in love with these two little guys!  We've had help at home since they were born so it hasn't been too crazy yet.  But, tomorrow my mom and sister fly back home and I'm sure it will get nutty when we are outnumbered by the kids!  Somehow we will make it work though, we always do. :)

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Nicole said...

Congratulations on your boys!!! It is so great they are doing so well.

I came across Your blog through fertilitycommunity (I am babyhope2012).