Friday, March 22, 2013

The Boys are 1 Month Old!

My how time flies.  Today I asked Brian how in the heck a whole month has gone by!  Elliott and Oliver are two amazing additions to our family and I can't imagine life without them.

Elliott and Oliver

Elliott and Oliver

Elliott and Oliver

Elliott weighs 10lbs 4oz and Oliver weighs 8lbs 6oz.  I don't have lengths because they got weighed at an appointment with a lactation consultant yesterday.

The boys are still eating about every 3 hours.  Occasionally they will go 4 or 4 1/2 hours at night, but not always.  They drink anywhere from 3-4 oz each feeding and are growing so fast!!  They are the happiest babies on earth.  They just love to be cuddled and wrapped up tight in their baby buntings.  Elliott will sleep without being swaddled or wrapped up, but Oliver insists on it.  I just got out the swing today and so far Elliott loves it!  He's currently swinging away while Oliver sleeps in the bassinet.  They hiccup and sneeze a lot which is typical for newborns and Elliott is starting to make some cooing noises.  They are just adorable!  I think I can finally tell their cries apart... Oliver sounds more raspy when he cries.

The boys got their first "real" bath today since the hospital.  We have just been doing sponge baths until now.  The girls were awake when we gave them their bath and that was a slight nightmare, so from now on we will have to bathe them while the girls are sleeping.  Evy just kept saying "washy, washy!!" in a forceful voice.  I ended up putting the girls up on a chair next to the sink so that they could see their brothers and "help" with the bath.  They are such good big sisters and really love their brothers.

Both of the boys are super good nursers.  I tend to put Elliott on the left side and Oliver on the right side.  We are still trying to work out all of the kinks I suppose you could say.  I met with a lactation consultant yesterday because I felt like I needed some help from an outside source.  Nursing twins is hard! Especially when you don't make enough milk for both of them.  I have just about enough for 1 baby.. but definitely not two.  I am going to ask my OB about domperidone which can help with the supply.  Its expensive, but formula is no joke either!  And if I have to pay for something, I'd rather pay to get my supply up.

Elliott is already grown out of the newborn clothes.  I put a NB onesie on him today, but it was a stretch.  He will also be out of the NB diapers VERY soon.  Like as in tomorrow.  I still have 4 boxes of the NB diapers so I hope I can exchange them for bigger ones!  Oliver fits nicely in the NB clothes and diapers, but it won't be long before he's outgrown them too.


Aspgriswold said...

They look so good!!! I am amazed at your mothering skills! You are super mom for sure taking care of all those kiddos at once. :)

AletaObrien said...

Happy one month old to your beautiful boys! I enjoy coming to your blog, because I marvel how you do it. I'm pulling my hair out with just one. Our son is a noisy sleeper and I've slept on the sofa with the bassinet by my side. But with no sleep because he is a grunter. Tonight is the first night I'm using the crib and monitor but I still can't sleep. Lol