Monday, April 15, 2013

I feel like a Celebrity!!

It is so amazing to me how much cyber networking goes on these days.  Today I got a message on FB that said this:

Hey Jessica,
I was at a play group this morning here in Canada with some other twin mommies and were were talking about others that we know with twins and others that have more than 1 set of twins and your name came up. How cool is that? One of the mom's that I met this morning is part of another Facebook group that you and her are on, and I said you and I were on a different one. Lol. Small world

Holy crap!  

The other gal posted in our group this message... 

Jessica, I met another twin mom today who knows you through another online twin mama group -- her name is C. She is in the local multiples group in the city we recently moved to. NEVER thought that I'd meet someone in this tiny Canadian city with a common link to one of my twin mamas in the US! Such a small world!!

This really shows how much us twin moms really can relate to each other and how much we feel the need to network and talk to others about our similar situations.   I never thought people in another country would be talking about me and my 4 crazy kiddos.  There probably aren't very many of us with two sets... perhaps now I should seek those people out! :)

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