Thursday, June 26, 2014

Just to sum things up....

Lately things have been INSANE.  Just imagine 4 tornadoes running around the house all day destroying everything in their path.  And then add arms and legs to those tornadoes and that's where I stand.  I will show you just a few pictures of how that all plays out....

Why did I let the 16 month old hold the box of cereal again?

Last night they spilled the cereal all over the table and this morning they ate it (and threw it all on the floor)

This one is just cute, had to throw it in 

Cereal party with their friends yesterday. Let's say I took the hose and sprayed the whole patio off

"Helping" stir it up

Again, "helping" with the pea gravel

Yes, after all the crazy messes they make they sure do need a bath!

They love to play outside in the dirt....

...and inside with their color sorters

This is what I swept off of the floor in the kids' rooms.  Where does this crap come from?

The water table is also good for bathing?

More color sorting fun, in the living room this time

Who me? Nah, I didn't eat the strawberries.

Mom left dog food on the floor! My favorite!

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Liz Rogers said...

I love how these pictures seem to capture all the crazy moments. I see so much love and fun in them. Looks like your kids are having a blast! Thanks for sharing a glimpse into life with twins x 2.