Thursday, February 4, 2016

Thirty - A Day in the Life

Today was just one of those days that I wonder how we all survived

7:00 kids start waking up
8:20 take girls to school
8:45 back home to get boys ready for school
9:15 take boys to school
9:45 go to Walmart to but mason jars and stuff to make soup
10:30 get home and start soup
10:45 leave to pick up girls from school
11:15 back home to finish cooking soup
12:15 bring soup to friend
12:45 drive to the mall to pick up candied jalapeños  that a customer wants because I'm out at home
1:25 meet Brian at the boys school so he can wait in the parking lot while I go in and get the boys
1:40 bring soup to another friend
1:45 arrive home and kids all say they're starving. Make PBJ sandwiches
2:10 get kids down for naps
2:15 run to fabric store to get broncos fabric so the girls can wear something for Bronco Friday.
3:10 get home and Ollie hadn't napped and is still crying
3:30 call doctor to get same day appointment
4:00 get to the doctors office
4:30 leave doctors  office with antibiotic prescription.  Double ear infection for Ollie
5:00 try to pick up prescription  but the insurance changed 1 letter on plan info so call them with crying kid in the background  in the Target pharmacy
5:30 get home and give antibiotic/ibuprofen
5:45 wash dishes so we have clean bowles to eat from
6:00 eat said soup
6:30 let kids watch paw patrol while I cut dresses out
7:00 put kids to bed
7:30 sew dresses
8:00 crash and zone out with my phone

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