Monday, March 14, 2011

Feeling good about feeling bad

Ever since the HPTs were positive I have been waiting for the "symptoms" to show up.  You know, morning sickness, sore BBs, peeing all the time, etc.  Until the last couple of days I have been feeling pretty good all around.  I am super tired, but other than that, feeling fine.  That worried me.  Everything worries me!  I keep thinking... why am I not sick yet?  Why don't I feel like crap?  Are my babies okay?

Well, I think that I am finally getting my wish.  Let me just sum it up very quickly:


I am trying to eat lots of protein and things that are good for me, but meat in general just feels so gross in my mouth.  Its all squishy and icky tasking.  I am having cravings for crunchy things like apples, grapes, etc.  I know that I can't survive on that forever, so today I went out and bought some protein shakes.... We'll see how those taste.  Hopefully not like chalk and yucky disgustingness.

Oh, and I go in for a 3rd ultrasound on Wednesday! I can't wait!!

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Cherbear said...

First I want to say congrats on your twin pregnancy!!! And I'm glad that you have a new symptom to put you at ease about it all. I hope you don't get the full fledged M/S though! I hear it can be rough.

I absolutely love the ultrasound picture a few posts back. Beautiful little babies!

And thank you so much for following my blog and for your post. I am just in awe at your kindness and I will email you shortly :)