Monday, March 26, 2012

Baby Food!

I have been making all of the girls' baby food!  Yes, it does take time, but it also takes time to go to the store and buy pre-made food as well.  I also know what's going into their food, who touched it, and how it was prepared.  The plastic packages don't say that they are BPA free either!

I have made quite a few things for the girls and so far it seems like Evy will eat anything and Charlotte is the picky one.  Here is what I have made so far:

  • Oatmeal (this I did buy)
  • Sweet Potatoes
  • Green Beans
  • Applesauce
  • Peaches
  • Carrots
  • Avocados
Evy will eat anything and Charlotte wouldn't eat the green beans, applesauce, or peaches.  I bought one pack of Gerber peaches when I was in Minnesota for the weekend and they both liked them.  So, when I got home I bought some frozen peaches and made their puree out of them.  Neither girl liked them so I tasted them and it was awful!  I guess I will just have to wait for peaches to be in season because the frozen ones really had no flavor. 

Brian and I went to a farmer's market last weekend and bought the avocados and the carrots.  The carrots came in bunches still with the green tops on them.  I don't think that I've ever seen them like that at the grocery store.  They were super tiny carrots so it was a pain to peel them all but they were very sweet and tasty!  Both girls really liked them.  The avocados that we got were the tastiest ones I've ever had!  I don't think I've had avocados that creamy before..... the girls absolutely loved those too!  I pureed one whole avocado with some water and they ate the whole thing. 

I'm not sure what I should make next for them.... I am thinking bananas.  I saw a combo of bananas and avocados from Gerber so maybe if they like the bananas I can try that too!  I was hesitant to give them the bananas and avos at first because Brian has a mild allergy to them but they seemed to do okay. 

My mom got me these cool trays for making their food.  They are pretty much ice cube trays with lids on them so the food doesn't spill out and get freezer burned.  They are BPA free of course.  Yes, green beans look pretty icky when pureed but they taste pretty much the same. 

Charlotte had her first illness this weekend.  She had a bunch of goop coming out of her eye on Saturday and woke up with crusty stuff on her eyelashes on Sunday morning.  I called the doctor and got some eye drops called in because it sounded like pink eye.  No crust on her eye today.... so I guess the meds are working fast!  Either that or she didn't have pink eye in the first place.  They have both had little coughs too.  I can't help feeling guilty that I stopped giving them breast milk only about two and a half weeks ago and they are getting sick already.  The cough could be just because its been very dry but I'm not really sure.  

Oh, I almost forgot... ITS SPRING BREAK!!!  Three of my nine amazing days are already gone... I can't believe it!  I have been "busy" hanging out at home with the girls, getting some laundry done, etc.  We tried out our new stroller today and went for a walk with the dog.  It was very nice except for the fact that the girls face forward so I can't just look at them the whole time.  I think they liked being able to look around though.  My mom and sister are coming on Wednesday morning and Brian is leaving for a short getaway on Thursday.  We have lots of fun things planned to do outside so I hope the weather cooperates!!


Amanda said...

I LOVE the new layout! =)

Angie said...

Hi, thanks for stopping by our blog. We are also making our baby food, most of it. Today we tried avocados and 2 out of the 3 like them. I think Im making peas this weekend. Have a great one.

Kelly said...

Hi! Thanks for stopping by our blog! I enjoyed making baby food! I didn't make all of it, but did a few things. I still do a few and their favorite is broccoli and pears! delicious combo - and sometimes I add spinach to it!

Preemie Twins and Me said...

I never tried making baby food. I have twins as well, who are 8 months, but I feel like I never have the time. How do you find the time to make baby food for them? Do you have a machine to puree the food?

I would love for you to comment and stop by omy blog as well


Stef said...

I just stopped onto your blog from Kellys Korner. Have you looked at the website:
I found it a really great resource when we were making purees!