Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Ultrasound Pictures from 8w1d

I had all of my ultrasound pictures in my purse and someone at work says, "Um, do you want me to scan those for you so that you still have them if they get wrecked?" I think the co-worker was looking at my purse going, "wow, what do you keep in that thing?" And figured something would eventually spill or crinkle the pictures.  So, I know they are from last week (the 1st one is the 7w0d pic from  before) but I go in tomorrow for another ultrasound so its time to post them!

Its crazy to see how much the babies have grown in just 1 week from the first picture to the rest!!  Hopefully tomorrow we will see their arms and legs and maybe a little wiggling around!!

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Cherbear said...

that is amazing!! They do grow so fast!