Monday, May 2, 2011

16 weeks and counting!

Wednesday I will be 16 weeks... so close enough!

Brian and I went to the OB today for the regular check up.  I asked the doc my silly questions such as, "Can I go to the dentist while pregnant?" and of course he didn't act like I was nuts for asking.  He also checked my cervical length... I was told it was 4.7cm and that it was fine.  Since I haven't really been pregnant before I will get my cervix checked every time just to make sure its holding its ground.

Along with the trans vaginal ultrasound, I got a regular abdominal one too!  I was seriously hoping we would get a look at the "goods" but both of the babies had their legs crossed! How dare they! 

The last and most fun part of the appointment was getting my blood drawn.  Ugh.  I have had it drawn about 50000000000000000 times but it still doesn't hurt any less.  They did some test (I forget the name) to check for open spinal cord defects or something such as spina bifida and also tested my thyroid levels. 

On my way out I had to make my next appointment for a 2 hour ultrasound!! This one will look at all of the anatomy and will give us a better idea if the babies will most likely be "normal."  At this ultrasound we will definitely find out if the babies have girl parts or boy parts so that maybe we can really start buying things! 

The only bad part about all of this is the appointment isn't until JUNE 8th!! It seems sooooo far away.  But, the doc did say that if I ever want to come in for an extra ultrasound then I am always welcome to do so.  Or, we may find a place that does the 3D/4D ultrasounds and go get one of those.  I guess the wait is really on this time and my patience will really be tested!

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