Saturday, May 7, 2011

9 + 1 = Vacation!

Its the end of the school year and I'm probably not alone in saying that both teachers and students are ready for summer vacation.  We started the year VERY early this year (August 19th) so we only have 9 more days of school with students left! After that, 1 work day to get our classrooms all cleaned up and then it is officially summer vacation! Yahoo!

I looked at my yard today (since its actually nice out) and realized how bad it really is.  Hopefully with summer just around the corner I will have some time to pull weeds, plant the vegetable garden, and get things looking nice and green again.

However, I will also be starting my LAST class to finish my Masters degree as well.  The class runs from May 16th-July 9th.  I seriously do NOT want to take this class at all, but I know that once the babies come I will really be tired and have no time so now is the time to do it.  The class is all online so I won't have to "go" anywhere besides my computer, but sometimes that makes it harder.  Oh well, the college chapter in my life will be officially closing and the mommy chapter will be starting soon... I can't wait! =)

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