Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Our unfinished basement has been sort of a sore subject between Brian and I lately since I want it finished ASAP and shouldn't really be painting, etc. while pregnant.  Well, today we went to the Home Depot and picked out our colors!  We are doing the ceiling a light grey, the walls a darker grey and one wall a purpley grey.  We also picked up some of this spray texture stuff to fix a couple rooms before they get painted. 

Also, the guy that is supposed to be doing all this was kind of procrastinating or something because of who knows why.  But, Brian talked to him today and he will be here on Monday to get started!  I feel like a huge weight has been lifted since I know this project actually has a start date which means there is an end in sight!  I think that once the work gets started it will go quickly!  Here's what needs to be done:
  • Finish texturing
  • Prime the whole basement
  • Paint
  • Install new doors and trim
  • Install carpet
  • Install new vanity and toilet in the bathroom
I am really hoping this will take two weeks or less so that I can start emptying out the room for the babies which is currently full guest room stuff, about 1,500 DVDs and a few random things that were stored in the closet.  Yay!